How The Future Is Changing In Your Akashic Records

How The Future Is Changing In Your Akashic Records

The future in the Akashic Records is turning into a bit of a jungle.

That’s not a bad thing.  In fact, it’s a testament to just how much more empowered we are!

The Akashic Records don’t really contain “our future.”  Rather, the Akashic Records contain ALL of our possible futures, based on our current circumstances.

Whenever we make a decision and take action, we ground one of our possible futures into our reality.  Some other possible futures are then, of course, deactivated.  We excluded them through our actions, because we made a choice.  At the same time, we create a whole crop of new possibilities for ourselves … possibilities that were not available to us before.

This has always been true.  What’s changed in the last five years is just how many possible futures are available to us at any given time!

As individuals, we now can influence millions of people via the Internet, should we choose to.  We can have our own TV show on YouTube.  We can raise money for our business projects via sites like Kickstarter.  We have information available to us on just about anything we care to learn.

All we need is the willingness to take action, and a little creativity.  Life has truly become a smorgasbord of possibility.

But what I’ve noticed in my readings lately is that all this possibility is leaving more and more of my clients overwhelmed and stuck.

We have all this freedom of choice, and no-one to tell us what to do.

Truly, we have the possibility these days to live fully within our most Divine self-expression.  It leaves us scratching our heads.

Behind the confusion is fear.

What if we pick the “wrong” possible future?  What if we deselect a possibility that would have been the “best” one? How do we pick the “right” path?

We’ve collectively created a world where freedom is available to anyone who chooses it, more easily than ever before.  But the absence of limitation, the absolute creativity available to us, leaves many of us with a sense of insecurity and confusion.

We have all this power.

We just aren’t sure we really want it.  Because of course, power comes with responsibility attached.

Right now, we seem to collectively be in one camp or another.

Either we’re standing in the midst of possibility, unwilling to choose ONE for the fear of excluding others.

Or we’re moving forward like gangbusters, and experiencing manifestation like never before.

There is so much power inherent in our choices these days that taking action feels like we’re taking one leap of faith after another.  When we make a decision, the Universe is so responsive that our world shifts and changes practically overnight.

With one action, so many possibilities go away.  Just as many new ones come into being.

All this potential for CHANGE is scary.  Unless we’re willing to embrace it, get on the roller coaster, and take our power of self-determination for a spin.

Everything is available to us.  We just have to choose.

To your infinite inner wisdom,
Andrrea Hess