How To Access Akashic Records

How To Access Akashic Records

Everyone could examine their unique Akashic Record at any time – in fact, all of us frequently do so unconsciously. Our Records are usually a source of information to which our very own Higher Self has complete access. And since we get intuitive information from our Higher Self constantly, the question on how to access Akashic Records becomes one of intention.

When you’re considering how to access Akashic Records, the first question you need to ask yourself is what information you desire. What is it regarding your Soul’s story that you’d like to discover? What will it be regarding your Soul Purpose that you would like to discover when you access your Akashic Records? What probable futures, that large and shifting field of information, do you want to investigate?

For most people today, the issue really isn’t how to access Akashic Records. It’s that people don’t identify what information we want that is contained inside the vastness of this specific source of knowledge!

The initial step to accurately study your Soul’s Record is to have purity of intention. What problem is going on in your life at the moment? And what do you desire to create in its place? Normally we have no clue what intuitive insight would assist us – we’re so busy with how to access Akashic Records that we don’t notice that our fuzziness of intent makes the experience vague and dissatisfying.

Once you’ve crafted crystal clear intention, give the mechanics of how to access Akashic Records to your Higher Self. Make your assertion of intention, and tell your Higher Self to access your Akashic Record. Leave the intuitive method alone when you’ve made your intention clear. Continue your day.

Likely, knowledge will happen to you when you are zeroed in on a mindless, relaxed task – you’ll be doing the dishes, traveling home, or vacuuming your home. Suddenly a Soul recollection will come through your Record, or a possible future will clarify itself before you.

Let your Higher Self do its function. It already knows how to access Akashic Records!!