How To Give More Accurate Akashic Records Readings

How To Give More Accurate Akashic Records Readings

Let’s face it. It’s very fun for us to hear our clients exclaim during an Akashic Records reading: “That is SO me. That’s exactly what I do, all the time.”

We all love giving readings that resonate with our clients as accurate. It’s part of the magic that makes our work so incredibly addictive.

And of course, we want our clients to be happy with their reading. We want them to have a positive experience. We want them to feel like they received great value for their investment.

Unfortunately, it’s this very desire for happy clients who resonate with their reading that can seriously impact our intuitive accuracy when we access the Akashic Records!

Here’s the thing:

If we have a subconscious intention to make our clients happy, to have them affirm our accuracy … then this intention WILL affect the information we receive in the reading.

It doesn’t matter how often you consciously pronounce that you want information “for the client’s highest good.” If you have ANY subconscious agenda about how you or the reading itself will be perceived by the client … it will become part of the reading.

Remember, the Akashic Records are a giant mirror that reflect our intention – ALL of our intention, even the subconscious agendas we hold.

The thing is, sometimes our client’s self-perception is really, really, REALLY far afield from who they truly are, at Soul-level.

Sometimes we have to tell our clients some very inconvenient Truths.

Sometimes we have to help our clients realize just how much actual work they have to do in order to create the life they want.

None of this is going to make them “happy.”

But it IS going to serve them tremendously!

What we MUST do, as service providers, is to let go of how our work will be perceived. That’s not easy – especially if you rely on client referrals as a source of income!

The less attached we are to making our clients happy, the more we open the door to receiving information on their behalf that is aligned to their transformation, rather than their satisfaction in the moment.

In the end, of course, our detachment actually creates happier client and makes for more accurate readings!

Andrrea Hess