How To Interpret The Akashic Records Accurately

How To Interpret The Akashic Records Accurately

The Akashic Records are a fifth-dimensional, energetic database.

In order for us to receive anything useful from the Records at all, the energetic information contained fifth-dimensionally must be TRANSLATED into a fourth-dimensional, mental format, just so that we can quite literally wrap our minds around it.

Language – and occasionally visual images – are the multi-dimensional tools that makes this process possible, depending on how your intuition works for you.

Our intuition will match the vibrational states contained within the Records to the vibrational states we associate with certain words, concepts, or images … and so, we end up receiving “information” that we can understand and use.

But if we don’t understand that WE provide the mental frame of reference that allows us to interpret the energetic information from the Akashic Records, we can get ourselves into all kinds of inaccuracy and trouble!

We must, first of all, realize that certain mental concepts do not even exist, fifth-dimensionally.

A great example of this is percentages! In Soul Realignment, we do all kinds of measuring of percentages. But occasionally, my students will remark that their various measurements don’t add up to 100% the way they should. Which is when I have to remind them that WE have to hold that mathematical frame of reference at the MENTAL level, rather than expecting the Akashic Records to do the math for us.

Percentages just don’t exist in the Akashic Records. It’s a purely mental construct, this idea of dividing the wholeness of something into 100 parts!

Similarly, the Akashic Records don’t understand concepts such as “better” or “good” or “best.” In the Akashic Records, everything that is chosen is seen as perfect … because we created it, through free will and choice, and the Records do nothing but record. The Records don’t “grade” our choices, or judge them! If we were to ask in the Akashic Records about a “best” course of action to manifest our goal, we would get an inaccurate answer.

But most importantly … linear time does not exist in the Akashic Records.

So if you are asking questions about timing, your intuition must draw on YOUR personal, mental framework of time to answer those questions.

If, for example, you have an inaccurate concept of how long something might take – due to wishful thinking, lack of experience, etc. – then that inaccuracy will be reflected in the information you receive.

Similarly, if you are convinced something could “never” happen, the Akashic Records can’t argue with you!

The most important aspect of Akashic Records accuracy is the mental frame of reference we provide for their interpretation. And unfortunately, most of us are not really even aware of our mental frame of reference, or understand which concepts simply have no resonance at the fifth-dimensional level.

Soul Realignment is really just a very comprehensive, robust frame of reference that allows us to interpret the Akashic Records in a highly practical way that is deeply satisfying to the mind. At the end of the day, everything has to “make sense” and be grounded for a reading of the Records to be completed, and we have a lot of checks and balances that ensure a highly specific frame of reference.

The more specific our frame of reference … the more specific the information we receive from the Records.

On the other hand, a vague mental framework for what’s actually IN the Records, and how that information is available to us, will lead to vague readings.

And finally, projecting fourth-dimensional concepts into the fifth-dimensional Akashic Records will just create inaccuracy.

To your inner wisdom,
Andrrea Hess