How To Listen To Your Soul’s Calling

How To Listen To Your Soul’s Calling

Has a new idea or project ever taken you by storm?

I think we’ve all been there … practically overnight, we become intoxicated with a new business idea, a new relationship, a new hobby, even a new spiritual practice. And we think to ourselves: “This is IT. I have found my Soul’s highest path!! THIS is part of my Divine purpose.”

Our new-found passion is all we think about. We feel invigorated, excited, confident and on track.

And then … it all goes wrong.

The business idea flops. The relationship fails. We discover we’re not actually good at our new hobby. Our spiritual practice yields no results.

We’re left scratching our heads, wondering how we could have been so very mistaken about our next steps.

The answer is simple.

We took ego-inspired action instead of Soul-inspired action.

In order to tell the difference, there’s a few things we must understand about our ego.

First of all, there’s nothing “wrong” with our ego. We all need the mental aspect of ourselves to act as an intermediary between our soul and our body.

But we also must acknowledge that the primary directive of the ego is to get us to death as safely as possible. Our ego will always, always, always strive to keep us “safe.”

For this reason, our ego has a great need to be right, most especially about itself. And so, when the ego encounters an idea that would affirm its own self-perception, the ego is massively drawn to that idea (or business, or relationship, or spiritual practice … you get the idea.) The ego considers questioning itself, its beliefs, and its self-identification as massively dangerous. And so, the ego gets passionately inspired by anything that confirms its identity.

Again, this is how the ego works for ALL of us … and it’s not a bad thing. This self-protective aspect of the ego is what keeps us sane, allows us to maintain confidence and self-esteem even when the going gets tough, and helps us uphold healthy boundaries.

Of course, who we think we are at the level of ego may be MILES away from who we actually are, at Soul-level. Your overall abundance level will give you an idea of just how aligned you are as a human being to your spiritual identity.

Our Soul doesn’t actually give a crap about our physical safety … after all, it’s had lots of lifetimes in the past and will, no doubt, have quite a few more in its future. The Soul only cares about expressing itself into this human experience.

But the Soul can’t interfere with our free will. And free will happens to reside at the level of ego while we’re human.

That’s why our Soul’s inspiration comes to us in an entirely different quality than when our ego is passionately inspired.

Our ego’s desires are LOUD, compelling, and immediate. The ego also gives us a lot of good reasons and rationalizations for WHY we should pursue a particular path of action.

Your ego will practically yell at you: “This is gonna be GREAT!!! This is SO right up our alley, just think of ALL the possibilities, all the opportunities this will give us access to! It will be AWESOME! Let’s go for it! Because … if we don’t, we’ll totally miss out.”

The ego also likes immediate gratification. And it loves having its curiosity satisfied. (That’s why, by the way, I’ve structured my Soul Realignment course in a way that isn’t very satisfying to the ego. My students are answering their Soul’s calling, not satisfying their egoic curiosity.)

The Soul, on the other hand, whispers. The Soul’s voice is merely suggestive and non-compelling. And it gives you no reason or rationalization whatsoever as to why you should act on its guidance.

The Soul will nonchalantly murmur “Do this now.” That’s it. And usually, whatever the Soul is suggesting makes us hugely uncomfortable.

No wonder we’re more inclined to listen to our ego’s need for self-affirmation than our Soul’s desire for self-expression. And really, there’s nothing wrong with following ego-inspired desire … IF we want to keep our lives the same and stay exactly where we are.

But the path into greater purpose, abundance, and accelerated manifesting is ALWAYS through our Soul’s self-expression.

The Soul’s whispers may be quiet and non-compelling. But they are persistent. That subtle nudge you’ve had for years, maybe even decades … THAT is your Soul’s calling.

To your infinite Being,
Andrrea Hess