How To Tackle A “Karmic Hangover”

How To Tackle A “Karmic Hangover”

We all know what a hangover is … the unpleasant consequences of some really poor choices. Of course, in the moment, we decided the unpleasant consequences would be worth it (or we embraced some serious denial!!) … and made those poor choices, anyways!

But did you know that we can be living in the midst of a “karmic hangover” and not even know it?

For example, we might choose to move cross-country for what turns out to be a very toxic relationship. The relationship eventually ends but … we stay in our new city. After all, we have a job there now. Staying is just easier than moving, especially in the midst of a break-up. In fact, we may stay for decades longer. We end up living in a place that is essentially just a consequence of a poor choice, an environment we would have never actually chosen for ourselves under any other circumstances.

Perhaps we’ve chosen a career for ourselves that doesn’t express our Soul-level gifts and talents. And even though we’re not terribly successful (after all, abundance can only come through congruence to our Divine nature) and we hate our job …  we’ve worked very hard. We have invested years and years of experience in a specific industry that makes it hard to consider transitioning to a whole new career.

Just like we might slide into a third (or fourth??) glass of wine through denial or rationalization, we make some of our life choices the same way! We tell ourselves that this is just “what we have to do” to get what we want, and that “it will all be worth it” in the end.  Of course, if the life direction we’ve chosen for ourselves is incongruent to our Soul’s nature to begin with, then a great many of the associated choices will be equally incongruent.

The result? We end up living with the consequences of these choices for years, sometimes even for decades. We learn to tolerate. We don’t want to “throw away” the time and effort we’ve invested in a career, a place, a relationship … even if these are and always have been out of alignment to our Divine self-expression.

Of course, we severely limit both our abundance levels and our opportunity for spiritual expansion by choosing, day after day, to stay IN … stay in that job, stay in that business idea, stay in that degree program, stay in that social circle, stay in situations that were never an expression of our Soul’s Divine nature to begin with.

It’s a good idea to occasionally take stock. How, exactly, did we end up where we are? How did we choose our home, our career, our relationships, our friends? Were these conscious choices that we truly wanted to make? Or were they choices that we deemed inevitable as part of a bigger life direction we chose, a life direction that, overall, perhaps hasn’t created much abundance for us?

Hitting the karmic “undo” button is actually incredibly easy. All we have to do is make new choices, and we find ourselves in a new karmic pattern, and new circumstances! And if our new choices are more congruent to our Divine nature, our circumstances will be more abundant than before. That’s why it’s so important to thoroughly understand the Soul, and why Soul Realignment focuses on studying the Soul’s energetic blueprint.

Of course, hitting the karmic “undo” button takes a bit of effort! We have to actually DO something different from what we’re used to. But it’s not actually “hard.” What FEELS hard is the willingness to let go of what we have, so that we can make room for something more abundant and reflective of our Divine nature. There are parts of our ego that dislike risk, and interpret all change as dangerous.

That’s why it is so helpful to understand which choices will create what consequences … because, of course, a choice that is “negative” for one person is highly positive for another! This is why Soul Realignment focuses on tracing karmic patterns within the Akashic Records.

There is always, always a way to realign our human experience to our Soul’s Divine nature!

A great question to ask ourselves is: “Given everything I know about myself now … would I make the same choice again, today?”

If the answer is a resounding “no,” then it’s time to course-correct … even if it’s inconvenient. Because a negative karmic hangover is always going to block us from standing in the fullness of our Divine self-expression.