Intuition and Intelligence

Intuition and Intelligence

Is intelligence really a function of the mind? Honestly, I don’t think so! It seems to me that, the more I allow my Higher Self to guide me, the smarter I seem to get!

Last week, for example, I was mentoring at an entrepreneurial conference called CEO Space. I’m an opera singer turned massage therapist turned psychic. I’m not exactly a traditional “business woman.” There were many, many people there who have more actual “business” training and experience than I do. And yet, I was truly adding value to their business projects in our conversations.

What I was really doing, of course, is connecting with them energetically and then trusting my connection to Infinite Intelligence to do the talking for me.

There’s two different models of “intelligence” I’d like you to consider.

The first is the model of “having” a lot of knowledge. This knowledge is information that is stored in our minds that we can share with others because we’ve learned it somewhere. It’s the intelligence we are taught in school – we learn something from a book or class, integrate the information, rearrange it to fit the situation at hand, and repeat it in a new format.

The second model is based on our inner “knowingness.” We observe life. We observe ourselves and our interactions with others. We observe what creates the results we want, and what doesn’t. We don’t bother trying to cram information into our heads … these days, everything can be looked up online anyway. Instead, we try to be in a state of “not knowing” so that we can be open to the insight and wisdom that comes to us from Infinite Intelligence, via our intuition.

I will freely admit that I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time. Until suddenly I know EXACTLY what’s next, and then I know without question, in my whole Being.

Oddly enough, cramming our brains full of information that is sourced outside of ourselves can interfere tremendously with our inner wisdom. Sometimes students and clients of mine ask me how they can learn to create classes, information products, and programs of their own. Invariably, my answer is “Stop reading everyone else’s stuff.”

These days, when sitting in a classroom, I’m not listening for “how” to do anything. I am not trying to gather information. I’m listening for concepts, ideas and resources I didn’t know existed. You see, it IS our job to create an appropriate frame of reference through which we can interpret the intuitive information from Infinite Intelligence. We do need to learn about the areas of life in which we want to create – a business, new states of health, fitness, and so forth. But we don’t need to “keep” that information in our heads. All we really need to know is that the information exists. That way, we can be guided towards it as necessary by our intuition.

Are you gathering knowledge, or making space for your inner “knowing?”