Intuition and Manifesting

Intuition and Manifesting

Have you ever heard of the “observer effect?” In physics, the term “observer effect” refers to the changes that the mere act of observation makes on an experiment. In quantum physics, there is no phenomenon that exists until it is observed. In other words, until it has been observed, it cannot manifest into the physical world.

Why is this important to intuitive development?

Because we have to understand that, by intuitively “observing” our own situation or someone else’s, past, present, or future, we cannot help but take a part in shaping that same situation.

Intuition and manifestation are inevitably entangled, impossible to separate. There is no such thing as “just” psychically observing. If we direct our intuition towards a question, issue or situation, we are also acting as Creators.

When we take the “observer effect” into account, we recognize how vital clarity of intention is in the use of intuition. The way we look at intuitive information – our perspective, our consciousness – actually influences the manifestation of the situation we are observing. When our intent is clearly defined, we can use our intuition to step more powerfully into our role as Creators of our experience. Through observation, we can actually “birth” the situation we are regarding.

What about using our intuition on behalf of others? In Soul Realignment, the intention of the Practitioner is always to work in alignment with the highest path and purpose of our client, and the highest good of all. By observing who our clients are at Soul-level, we actually assist them in manifesting their most Divine aspect into their human experience.

If observation itself is an act of manifestation, then what we look at intuitively and how we look at it significantly shapes our experience. This means that the following components must all be considered with great responsibility before we regard any situation intuitively:

  • The intention with which we ask our questions
  • The actual questions we ask
  • Our reaction to the answers we receive

Instinctively, many of us are pretty “fuzzy” when it comes to using our intuition. Perhaps this is because we know, deep down, that precision and clarity are powerful tools for creating our experience – which puts us in a position of great power and great responsibility.

Where are you directing your intuition? And how are your acts of observation shaping your reality? Leave your comment and share!