Is Your Ego’s Self-Perception Interfering with your Intuition?

Is Your Ego’s Self-Perception Interfering with your Intuition?

Have you ever followed what you thought was your intuition … only to be sorely disappointed by the results of your choices? What happened, when our inner guidance felt so strong and clear and true?

The funny thing is that accurate intuition generally feels neither strong nor “true.” Intuition feels more subtle, like a suggestive whisper that is not at all compulsive or insistent on its own “truth.”

The ego, on the other hand, is nothing if not entirely convinced of itself. Our ego has built a shrine of self-perception to itself – who we are, what we want, and all the things we think we know are “true.” The ego’s job is to keep reaffirming its own perception of itself, to be “right” in what it knows.

The greater our conviction that our intuition is accurate, the more likely it is that we’re actually listening to our ego’s self-perception!

So how do we learn to trust our intuition?

I’ll tell you what I tell my Soul Realignment students – the most accurate state from which to receive intuitive guidance is a state of not knowing, of detachment from being “right.” When we allow ourselves to be in a state of “I don’t know,” we are open and receiving. Our mind is not in a race to simply confirm its own opinions, and so it doesn’t get in the way of intuitive guidance.

Is there an area of your life in which you are yearning for inner guidance?

Allow yourself to first acknowledge that you don’t know what choices to make, that you don’t know the path to creating what you want, that you don’t know what actions to take.

Next, ask for guidance. Remind yourself that you don’t know the answers whenever your mind chimes in with its opinions.

Stay in this place of not-knowing … until you discover that, somewhere along the way, a quiet knowing has come. That knowing isn’t insistent on its accuracy. It doesn’t demand action. It doesn’t announce itself with a sudden flash of inspiration … it just quietly creeps into your awareness, asking nothing of you. It doesn’t explain itself, or justify itself. It’s simply THERE.

The beauty of learning how to intuitively “read” for others is the experience of the opinion-less mind. When we read the Akashic Record of someone we don’t know, we have no opportunity for our mind to create its ideas of what is “right” or “true.” The mind has no choice but to surrender itself to our intuition, because there is nothing it CAN “know” about the client!

The mind has only one agenda – to be right. Your intuition, on the other hand, is agenda-less. Tune into the difference, and you will find that you can trust your intuitive insights every time!