Intuition and Self-Trust

Intuition and Self-Trust

When it comes right down to it, we can only trust our intuition as much as we trust ourselves. Our intuition, after all, comes from the wisest, most Divine part of ourselves, our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is an integral part of who we are – not separate, but intimately connected to all of our other aspects. Our Higher Self is as much a part of our Being as our conscious and subconscious mind.

So the question is: Do you trust yourself to give yourself the information and guidance you need to create what you want?

Falling into the perception of separation is easy when it comes to intuition. We think of guidance as something that comes from outside of ourselves, from Spirit, from another plane of existence. But we ARE Spirit, and we exist on all planes simultaneously. The guidance we are seeking, all the answers we could ever want or need, are already available to us because we are One with the source of our intuition.

What if receiving guidance is as simple as trusting ourselves to know exactly what we need to know, exactly when we truly need it?

What if all of our questing and seeking and searching for guidance is an expression of mistrust that does nothing but create separation from the certainty we are looking and longing for?

Our mind loves its questions. It loves the search for information and understanding. The mind is constantly hunting for more “food for thought.” That is its role – to think. Trying to stop the mind from thinking is a completely unreasonable endeavor. The mind is just doing its job.

We can make the questions in our mind important. We can make finding the answers a priority, and engage our energy in the search for information, guidance and wisdom. We can work hard to “figure things out.”

Or we can simply be at peace with our questions, trusting ourselves to reveal the answers we need, when we need them, in perfect and Divine timing.