Intuition, Choice and Consequence

Intuition, Choice and Consequence

Our Soul incarnates in order to experience the school of choice and consequence within a physical reality. After all, life is nothing but a vast series of choices, all of which come with a consequence – and in a physical experience, the consequences are often pretty hard to ignore!

We cannot avoid this evolutionary system of choice and consequence. There is no getting around making choices, every minute of every day. Unconsciously or consciously, every action, thought, and word carries with it a vibration, which attracts a consequence of like vibration. Even NOT making a choice is, in effect, a choice!

Our choices have far-reaching consequences. Actions taken many lifetimes ago continue to manifest their consequences to this day. After all, if a Soul is to permanently evolve and grow, then the consequences of our choices must also endure. In many ways, this is the primary study of Soul Realignment – to help our clients understand WHY they are experiencing their current circumstances, even when the choices that created them took place many lifetimes ago.

Our intuition is a remarkable tool for helping us understand the ongoing, relentless process of creation through choice. So often we direct our intuition to making future choices most aligned with our highest good. But we can also direct our intuition to assist us in understanding how we have created our current reality leading up to this present moment.

Every single circumstance in our lives – the state of our relationships, our physical health, our bank account, our careers and our families – are the result of a choice we have made. Whether we made that choice in Spirit before we incarnated, or in another incarnation altogether, whether we made a conscious or unconscious choice – we have still created all of current experience!

Our intuition is a great tool for developing excellent hindsight … and thus, gain a deeper understanding of what the choices that still lie before us may create in our future. Obviously, the Akashic Records are an amazing place to gather information about past choices. But even within the smaller, more obvious scope of our present lifetime, we can direct our intuition to assist us in understanding how we’ve created our experiences so far.

If you pick a circumstance currently in your life, you can ask your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to inspire you with understanding of its creation. You can ask to be shown, within your memory, your choices that led to the reality you find yourself in today. Make the request, and then pay attention over the next few days. Most likely, random memory flashes and thoughts of past events will arise in your consciousness. Make a note of these arising memories! They hold the key to understanding how you have acted as the powerful Creator of your current circumstances, which in turn will assist you in more consciously creating your future, as well.