Intuition or Intrusion?

Intuition or Intrusion?

We all have energetic aspects to us that are highly “public.” Whether we like it or not, our thoughts and emotions create a very tangible energy body about us. All of us pick up on each other’s energy, even though we mostly do so unconsciously.

That’s why we sometimes instantly like or dislike each other. Or perhaps we get an instant sense of distrust when we meet someone, or even fall in love at first sight!

Still, just because our energy bodies are “public,” that doesn’t give someone permission to rummage about IN them.

Sometimes intuition becomes intrusion.

Think about your energy bodies like the clothes you wear. They are a public expression of you and your choices. Everyone can see them. They may cover up a lot of you, or put certain parts of you on display. People may be able to discern your basic body shape by looking at you, but they don’t know the details of what you look like naked.

Tuning in to someone’s energy with respect and discernment is like admiring (or not, I suppose) what they are wearing. We look. We notice what stands out – a flattering piece of jewelry, an unflattering pair of pants. Obviously, we’re human, and we have opinions about what we see.

That’s all fine and good.

It’s a totally different matter if we were to attempt to go INTO someone’s energy field. Believe me, it happens.

It’s the energetic equivalent of not just looking at how someone is dressed, but running your hands over the fabric of their shirt, and reaching into their pockets to see what’s in there!

I’m pretty darn aware when someone tries to intrude past the very “public” aspect of my energy bodies and attempts to rifle through my energetic pockets, so to speak.

Needless to say, it doesn’t feel good. There’s a profound “ick” factor to this sort of intrusion. And I usually speak up about it and tell them to knock it off!

I would never work with anyone who does not uphold excellent intuitive boundaries.

Why do I bring his up?

Chances are that you may have run into energetic intrusion yourself.

You may feel, in mid-conversation, that you want to take a few steps back. You may feel squirmy. The subject matter of the conversation suddenly feels entirely too personal. And perhaps you’re suddenly on the receiving end of intuitive advice that you never asked for – perhaps even have no interest in whatsoever!

A few things to remember. Intuitives cannot access your Guide team OR your Akashic Record without your express permission. So if someone is giving you unsolicited advice in a social situation and claims it’s coming from YOUR Guide team … ignore it.

As we are collectively becoming more conscious and aware, as we are more and more willing to step out of the psychic closet … the overstepping of energetic boundaries seems to be happening more frequently, also.

When you feel uncomfortable talking to someone who is an intuitive, or an energy healer, or a psychic … listen to your instincts. Don’t for a second “should” yourself into being “more open” or judge your own reaction as “negative.”

You know when intuition has become intrusion. Honor your own boundaries – and speak up! If you feel uncomfortable, there’s a reason.

Looking at energy is one thing. That’s like noticing someone’s nifty shoes. But going INTO our energy is inappropriate, unless we’ve given permission.


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