Intuition: What You Don’t Want to Know

Intuition: What You Don’t Want to Know

There are some occasions where a client will walk away from an intuitive reading disappointed. Invariably, this happens because they already knew the answers to their own question … and the answer wasn’t the one they wanted!

Sometimes, our intuition tells us what we really, really would rather not know. It tells us that we need to do the uncomfortable, that we need to upset the status quo and take significant action towards the unknown. Our intuition might tell us to change our career, end a relationship, or start a new business. And we just don’t want to, because we are afraid.

If you find yourself asking your intuition – whether through dowsing or talking to your Guides or however it works for you – about the same thing over and over again, consider that you probably already know the answer. It’s probably exactly what you DON’T want to do. You don’t like the answer, and so you keep asking. In fact, you may be running around to a whole bunch of intuitives and psychics, hoping to hear something different from what you already know.

We all want to have perfect, clear access to our intuitive resources. The question is, how willing are we to truly trust and act on the information we receive? Are we willing to take the plunge outside of our comfort zone, to leap and trust that the net will appear? Deep down, we know that change is inevitable … and yet, we keep hoping that we’ll get a new answer. In the meantime, we feel stuck and frustrated.

All I can say is – I’ve certainly been there! And having followed my intuition, I can say that, over and over again, it’s much better on the other side of making difficult choices and taking uncomfortable action. Our mind pre-judges what change will be like. Once we shift out of fear into action, the sense of liberation is exhilarating. Our intuition truly only tells us what is in our highest good – even if it’s going to take some difficult choices to get there.

What information from your intuition don’t you want to know? Do you dare explore it, truly listen, and perhaps take action?