Intuition and Intent

Intuition and Intent

When working with our intuition, we have to understand that intuitive information is generated by one thing, and one thing only. Intuition is based entirely on our intent.

Our intuitive resources – our Higher Self and our Spirit Guides – fully acknowledge that we alone are the Creators of our experience. We are empowered through free will and choice to create exactly what we want. Their job is to help us out as much as possible in the creation process.

Their job is not, however, to tell us what to create. That’s up to us to decide. And many of us, at one time or another, would rather not make that decision. We would love for our Higher Self, our angels and Guides to swoop in and just show us what would be in our highest good. We’d like, just a little bit, to be told what to create in our lives.

This kind of “show me” attitude invariably generates very fuzzy guidance. If we ask our spiritual resources to “show us” what would align with our highest path, we may be presented with all kinds of possibilities and options, none of which stand out more than others. The Universe is an infinitely abundant place. There are innumerable ways we can align with our highest path! We are left with a vast number of open doors in front of us, scratching our heads and wondering which one to walk through.

In the end, we still have to decide what we want our alignment with our highest path to look like, here in the physical world. Our intuitive resources will never take that decision of our hands. Their job is to supply the “how” of getting to our destination. Picking our destination, however, is our responsibility.

Clear intentions deliver clear intuitive guidance. Fuzzy, indecisive intentions deliver fuzzy, vague intuitive guidance. If you think you are having trouble “hearing” your Guides or “seeing” your path, ask yourself whether you’ve actually decided what you want. You are the Creator, the driving force. It all comes back to your intent.