Intuitive Accuracy Through Accessing Akashic Records

Intuitive Accuracy Through Accessing Akashic Records

“Andrea, I have definitely notice that my intuition has sharpened since Soul Realignment™ and even more as I near the end of the training. What is it about the modality that allows this to happen? Dowsing doesn’t feel like I’m tapping into my intuition!”

This was a question brought up by a student during one of our bi-monthly support calls just a few weeks ago.

This phenomenon is really common amongst Soul Realignment™ students and Practitioners. Even though it doesn’t “feel” like we’re doing anything extraordinary when we are accessing the Akashic Records, overall EVERYTHING about our intuitive perception changes when we begin working with this modality.

Here’s what’s going on. (Whether you study SR or not, these are intuitive development principles you must keep in mind!)

There’s two components to this new intuitive sensitivity. The first is that we very specifically work with a single point of access – we are accessing the Akashic Records. Our entire modality is built around accessing Akashic Records, from the initial attainment process to the access protocol we use every time we do reading work.

See, a lot of times I run across intuitives who just … open up. When I ask them exactly what they are reading, they really aren’t sure. There are a LOT of sources for intuitive information – Spirit Guide teams, the Records, the mental and emotional energy bodies, just to name a few. They are all valuable in their own way.

But what we must learn to do is not only to intentionally choose where our information is coming from. We also have to learn, through practice, how to focus our attention and intention on our chosen access point.
Once we’ve learned how to do that … well, our intuition sharpens overall!

Intuitive focus is something that doesn’t just happen – it’s practiced, and like a habit becomes more and more natural over time.

The other aspect of intuitive development through Soul Realignment™has to do with specificity as well.

We use highly structured dowsing protocols to navigate the vast field of information that is the Akashic Records. What we ask – in the Records, and with any other kind of intuitive practice – matters. Ask an unproductive or non-specific question, and you get unproductive and non-specific information.

Using a dowsing pendulum is just a convenient method for getting out of our own way when receiving the answers. What makes dowsing such a great tool is that you need to really think about how you structure your questions. It’s this need for structured questions that truly serves our intuitive development. (And eventually, we really don’t really need to use a pendulum anymore … )

When we ask specific, highly structured questions that want to pull just one thread of energetic information from the Records … well, we once again develop the habit of highly focused intention.

Just the practice of accessing any specific intuitive access point with a series of very structured and specific questions serves to make our intuitive focus laser-sharp.

When developing your intuition – through Soul Realignment™ or any other practice – keep in mind that accuracy is developed over time, through practice. And one of the most important aspects of accuracy is specificity. Whether you are accessing Akashic Records, or any other intuitive access point – know which one you are using.

Know where you are going for your information. Know exactly what threads of information you want to draw from there. Ask for what you want with carefully worded questions.

Practice this process so that it becomes habit, and you will find that you develop a habit of highly targeted intuition … which is how your perceptions sharpen overall.