Intuitive Evolution In 2013

Intuitive Evolution In 2013

As we move into new consciousness in 2013, we must also allow our intuition to operate differently this year!  We are aware of ourselves as Divine Beings like never before.  Never has it been easier to access intuitive information from other dimensional aspects of our existence.

But with more power always comes one thing … more responsibility!

Right now, we have the ability to access SO much valuable information via our intuition.  But we also have equal opportunity to access a bunch of complete nonsense that creates dangerous confusion in our lives – and perhaps the lives of others.  This is the nature of polarity.

So here are the “rules” for using our intuition productively and accurately in 2013:

1. Be impeccable with your intention.

Right now, we must be incredibly conscious of the intentions behind the desire for intuitive information.  Is the ego simply thirsty with curiosity?  Are we seeking a spiritual shortcut around the rules of time and effort that govern third-dimensional life?  Or are we asking questions in the Akashic Records that are truly designed to move us forward on our path into our Soul’s Purpose?

2. Be precise.

Because our vibrational states are so potent at this time, we must use our language with incredible care.  Asking questions about what we’re “supposed to do” or what we “should do” was unproductive before.  Now, these questions are downright dangerous in the disempowerment they create!  Language is a multi-dimensional tool that we must use with greater precision than ever before to access our intuitive resources.

3. Focus.

With our expanded awareness, we can access all kinds of information sources with our intuition.  The question is – do you KNOW what sources you are accessing … and why?  Simply “opening up,” crossing our fingers and hoping that something valuable arises from our intuitive process is going to yield more and more generalized information that serves no-one productively.  Our level of consciousness allows us to pluck precise and detailed information from the vastness that is available to us.  Without precise direction of our intuitive resources, the information we receive will hold less and less meaning for us, and for our clients.

Now is the time to question your own intuitive process and ask yourself if you are consciously and powerfully directing this process!

Andrrea Hess