Intuitive Overkill and the Akashic Records

Intuitive Overkill and the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a spiritual power tool. But just like you wouldn’t dice a tomato with a chainsaw, there are times when accessing the Akashic Records is simply overkill.

For example, I recently went for a routine physical. Even though I was feeling fine, test results showed that my thyroid function was a bit on the low side. I could have accessed the Akashic Records to uncover the energetic reasons behind the hypothyroidism … but instead, I did a bit of online research. Then I stopped eating gluten. Eight weeks later, my thyroid levels were normal.

Sometimes we overlook the obvious, third-dimensional root cause of our problems because we are so focused on the energetic side of life!

But a third-dimensional problem often has a simple third-dimensional resolution. We just need to invest new effort, and do something differently!

The Akashic Records are, however, the perfect tool for pinning down the non-linear root causes of your experiences.

All too often, what’s happening in your business is linked to your relationships. Or your relationships are being affected by your choices about your health. Or your health is being affected by your money. The Akashic Records allow you to see beyond the physical dimension and grasp how a choice in one life area may be creating seemingly unrelated consequences in another.

When looking at the linear, third-dimensional chain of cause and consequence doesn’t lead to a solution, then looking at the energetics of cause and consequence in the Akashic Records is absolutely appropriate.

On the other hand, often there IS a linear, third-dimensional cause behind your experience.

We may not be getting ahead in our career because we’re not asking for a promotion.

We may be overweight because we are simply consuming too many calories.

We may not be getting what we want in our relationships simply because we are not asking for what we want!

When a direct, linear cause is at the root of our experience, then looking at the energetics can lead to hopeless over-complication and confusion of our situation!

Just like when trying to dice a tomato with a chainsaw, we can end up with a big mess on our hands.

Look for the linear solution to any issue you are experiencing first.

If none can be found, by all means power up the Akashic Records and look at the energetics of cause and consequence.

To your wisdom,
Andrrea Hess