Is Our Soul Limited?

Is Our Soul Limited?

When you draw on your Soul’s Divine gifts, there is no limit to the results you can create in your human experience. Radiant health, financial abundance, thriving relationships, and fulfilling experiences … all is available via your Soul’s inherently Divine nature.

But while we can create infinitely abundant results … the WAY to create those results is actually quite limited. Because your Soul isn’t gifted at EVERYTHING.

Your Soul is a specialist. Your Soul is an expert at just one thing, and that one thing is pretty darn specific.

Think of it this way. A heart surgeon can translate her expertise into lots of different avenues – performing surgery on patients, research, innovation, teaching and mentoring, just to name a few. And based on this very specialized expertise, the heart surgeon can make a great living, select the patients he wants to work with, maybe even set his own hours depending on which kind of setting he chooses to work in.

In other words … specialized expertise creates a lot of freedom of choice.

But let’s say this gifted heart surgeon decided one day to perform brain surgery. Needless to say, the outcomes would probably be mediocre at best, disastrous at worst. And similarly, the heart surgeon would probably also make a lousy pediatrician. And a terrible OBGYN.

Our Souls are just as specialized. Our Soul-level gifts give us the ability to create incredible freedom and abundance. But HOW we are designed to create is inherently limited. We are, after all, OF Divine Source. But we are not Divine Source!

Unfortunately, as human beings, we don’t always appreciate our own Divine gifts. We tend to get distracted by how OTHER people create success, which always seems far cooler and sexier than our own path.

And of course, we’ve been conditioned our whole lives to believe that “hard” work is what creates results. And our Divine gifts come to us rather naturally. Sure, we may still have to develop a skill set – after all, even the most gifted musician still needs to practice! But our Divine gifts just aren’t “hard” for us … and so we frequently don’t value them.

And if we do begin leveraging our Divine gifts … the sad Truth is that we might get a little bored after a while. Just like the miracle of open-heart surgery becomes routine and commonplace for a heart surgeon, our own Divine gifts may lose their luster over time.

That’s why it’s so useful not just to know our own Divine gifts. In Soul Realignment, we look at our Soul’s blueprint at origination to know exactly what our Souls are “specialized” in.

But I believe it’s just as important – perhaps even more so! – to know the Divine gifts of everyone around us – our friends, our family members, even our co-workers, if they’ll let us check into their Akashic Records.

Knowing the Divine gifts of those around us means we no longer succumb to spiritual “bright shiny object” syndrome. If our friend manifests amazing success, we know why her path worked for her … and why it won’t work for us. If our children struggle, we don’t try to get them to address their problems OUR way. If our spouse manifests difficulties, we can help him understand where he created misalignments to his Divine gifts … and every step of the way, we appreciate our own uniqueness.

We’re all in this human experience together so that we can most fully appreciate OURSELVES, and stand in the Truth of who we are. Knowing our own Divine gifts is a good start. But we don’t learn to fully leverage those gifts until we understand them in contrast to what our gifts are NOT.

To your infinite abundance (and limited gifts!)
Andrrea Hess