Is Your Intuition Accurate? Three “Red Flags” To Watch Out For …

Is Your Intuition Accurate? Three “Red Flags” To Watch Out For …

All too often, clients come to me after wasting a lot of time and effort on following “intuitive guidance” that proved to be inaccurate. It can be heartbreaking to feel as if our intuition has let us down!

Here’s what we have to remember when we use our intuition on our own behalf:

Our minds are masters of rationalization.

We can always find a “good reason” for just about any choice that we really want to make. If we don’t acknowledge and accept this reality about our minds and egos, then developing our intuition can actually create problems in our lives. Because once we dive into the spiritual and intuitive realms, we can start coming up with really spiritual-sounding rationalizations for just about anything!

As much as we want to tell ourselves that we are being objective, we can’t possibly be objective about our own experience! After all, we have opinions about ourselves. Our ego holds beliefs and perspectives about itself and life in general.

That’s why in Soul Realignment, we always start our work in the Akashic Records by reading for OTHER people – because that’s how we can actually develop our sense of objectivity.

There IS no way to circumvent the ego in the intuitive process. After all, energetic information from the spiritual realm must be interpreted at the level of mind before it can be useful. No matter whether we are clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognisant, clairaudient … the mind must interpret intuitive information before we can put it to use in our human experience. There’s no way around the mind and ego!

If we’re going to effectively use our intuition on our own behalf, we must be willing to accept our mind’s ability to rationalize and our lack of objectivity, before we can begin to trust our own accuracy. We have to be willing to – pardon me – call bullshit on our ego’s desire to be right, our resistance mechanisms, our opinions, and our level of thinking in general!

Oddly enough, the path to intuitive accuracy entails our willingness to be completely wrong! We have to be willing to examine the intuitive guidance we receive and ask ourselves whether our ego is simply promoting its own agenda of staying in its comfort zone.

Here’s a collection of “red flags” that we can look out for that should immediately call our intuitive accuracy into account.

1. The solution to your problem is at a different dimensional level from the problem itself.

Here’s the deal. You can’t solve a third-dimensional, physical problem with a fifth-dimensional spiritual solution. Of course, your intuition may be able to give you the energetic information about, for example, a health issue. But if your intuition tells you that energy work or clearing work ALONE will resolve a physical problem in the body, then you’re receiving inaccurate information.

Any problem that manifests itself in the physical dimension IS going to take physical effort to resolve. Similarly, if you want to create a new result at the physical dimension – more money, a new relationship, etc. – it’s going to take physical effort and action to create that new result!

If your “intuition” is telling you differently, then you may be receiving that guidance through a frame of reference of magical thinking, held at the level of your mind. Or perhaps you simply don’t want to invest the effort that will be required to resolve the problem or create the result.

Either way, the information you are receiving is inaccurate.

The rule you must uphold in your mental frame of reference for greater intuitive accuracy is: “A new result requires effort at the dimensional level of that desired result.”

2. Someone else is going to create results for you.

I was once at a conference and met a healer. She was absolutely convinced that she was going to meet someone at this conference who would help launch her into fame and prosperity because “her Guides told her” it would happen.

This was a woman who was suffering from the ultimate healer fantasy I run into a LOT – that we can just do our sacred work, collect buckets of money and serve thousands of people while someone else deals with all that pesky business stuff like marketing and sales and customer service.

After reassuring this lady that I was most certainly NOT going to “launch her,” (she thought her Guides had sent me … nope, sorry!) I tried to break it to her gently that new results only show up when we shift into a new vibrational state through new action … and nobody else can do that for us.

She didn’t like that very much.

I believe in the end she pilfered her retirement account to hire some marketer who made a lot of promises about her imminent success but ultimately got zero results – because this healer simply didn’t want to take action on her own behalf.

There’s other common versions of this fantasy – we’ll just happen to meet our Soul mate one day without actually making any new efforts to put ourselves out there, or a man or mentor or Oprah will come along and bail us out of our financial situation, or a guru will recognize our greatness and “give us” enlightenment.

If your “intuition” is telling you that your results will come to you from someone else, the information you are receiving is inaccurate.

The rule you must uphold in your mental frame of reference for greater intuitive accuracy is: “I am responsible for creating my own results, through choice and effort.”

3. You play by different rules.

Universal Law is exactly that – Universal. It applies to everyone. But occasionally, I run across someone who thinks that the rules we all live by simply don’t apply to them, because they’ve been told by their “intuition” that they are oh-so-special.

From “my book will magically go viral and I’ll become famous without any additional effort” to “I can erase other people’s karma” … their ego’s desire to be special is creating a mental frame of reference in which Universal Law no longer applies to them.

If you notice that your intuition is telling you that you are somehow “more special” than any other person, smack your ego on the nose and tell it to get over itself! Because you are most certainly getting inaccurate information.

The rule you must uphold in your mental frame of reference for greater intuitive accuracy is: “I am a unique, individuated expression of the Divine … just like all the other SEVEN BILLION people on the planet. We all play by the same rules.”

Having a specific, cohesive frame of reference is incredibly important when it comes to using our intuition. In Soul Realignment, we have an incredibly detailed protocol for accessing the Akashic Records for good reason, with only a limited amount of possible information we can receive. Although our readings get highly complex and detailed, this modality actually forces the mind into a certain amount of restraint, which creates tremendous intuitive discipline and accuracy over time.

If you just “open up” without discernment, without questioning your own frame of reference, and without ever asking yourself whether perhaps your ego is leading you into a spin cycle of rationalization without action … then your intuition cannot serve you, nor can it be relied upon.

To your infinite inner wisdom,
Andrrea Hess