Is Your Intuitive Interpreter Working For You?

Is Your Intuitive Interpreter Working For You?

There’s one pesky, annoying aspect to using our intuition.  Intuitive information has to be interpreted.  We have to take energy, which we innately understand because WE ARE energy, and we have to put it into a context that we can use.  In other words, energy becomes words, concepts, visual images, physical sensation, or even sound.  Regardless of whether we are verbal, visual, kinesthetic or auditory in the way our intuition works … there is still a process of interpretation in play.

Guess who does the interpreting?  Yep, the ego.

Let’s not vilify the ego, okay?  If our mind weren’t able to remember and plan and conceptualize, we’d never get dinner on the table or our children to school on time.

But our ego also has a few highly important primary directives to fulfill – the biggest one being to keep us safely alive, no matter what.

We all develop certain beliefs in our childhood that allow us to survive and stay at least mostly sane in a world that thinks sitting at a desk all day from age six is a great way to educate children.  Lots of us grew up in less-than-ideal households.  Let’s not blame our parents – each generation does better than the one before, and at the end of the day, we picked them!

So our ego developed certain beliefs as a way to cope throughout our childhood – beliefs around what it takes to stay safe, loved, and secure in a world where, as toddlers, we are completely dependent on our parents.

The thing is, the ego will defend these beliefs to the death.  To our deep subconscious, it’s a matter of survival.

On top of this deep subconscious conditioning are other beliefs – beliefs we absorbed from our school system, our friends, our industry, society in general.  Even the spiritual community has its own set of beliefs.

This is the framework through which our intuition is interpreted.  There’s no way around it.  Intuitive information is ALWAYS relayed through totally subjective interpretation.  If our mind weren’t interpreting it, we could never conceptualize it as thought, never put it into action.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with egoic interpretation – this process is what makes intuition a functional, practical tool in our lives.

The real question is whether YOUR personal, entirely subjective egoic framework for intuitive interpretation is creating productive results.

In other words, is how YOU personally interpret intuitive information in your life serving YOU?  Is it creating the circumstances you want?

If not … you may need a new framework through which to receive intuitive guidance!

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To your infinite wisdom,
Andrrea Hess