Judging Intuition

Judging Intuition

Intuitive information is frequently unreasonable. We are nudged to do things that appear, in the moment anyway, unnecessary or a little strange. Usually it’s nothing too outlandish – but having no good reason for the impulse causes us to hesitate.

We might get a nudge to go to the bank and take care of financial matters. We brush the thought away, thinking that it can wait … only to be inconvenienced a few days later when we discover that our money is in the wrong account at the wrong time.

We may get an impulse not to get on our motorcycle. We go anyway, with nothing untoward happening … until we wipe out on an oil slick two days later, doing damage to our motorcycle and getting bruised and beat up in the process.

In these cases we recognize the intuitive impulse in retrospect. We understand, looking back, the value of the information we received. And in hindsight, we even realize that we recognized the information the moment it entered our consciousness. Most importantly, we recognize the choice we made to simply ignore our intuition.

Why do we do it? Why do we ignore this valuable intuitive information, even though we are spiritually-minded individuals consciously seeking Divine guidance?

We ignore our intuition because, in the moment, we judge ourselves. We tell ourselves we’re imagining things. We brush the nudge away, telling ourselves it’s probably nothing, that we’re just being unreasonable or silly.

We judge ourselves instead of trusting ourselves.

We ignore intuition even more frequently when we are afraid of being judged by others. Will our spouse think us silly for insisting on taking a different way home – just because we have a gut feeling? Will our boss honor our instincts if we tell him that we have a weird vibe about a business deal? Will our family think we’ve gone nuts if we enroll in that spiritual development course we’ve been so powerfully drawn to?

Fear of judgment – judging ourselves, or being judged by others – frequently stops us in our tracks when it comes to listening to our intuition.

When we seek to develop our intuition, we have to give ourselves permission to be a bit unreasonable. Intuition, after all, is information that comes from beyond the reasonable, logical mind. We have to allow ourselves, without judgment, to follow our instincts for a while without knowing where they may lead. We have to good-naturedly accept that the people we love might roll their eyes at our decisions from time to time.

When we give ourselves this permission, following our intuition can be exhilarating. We can joyfully follow where we are led, full of curiosity and anticipation of wonderful things to come.

If you are working with your intuition, suspend judgment. See what happens!