Leading the Shift

Leading the Shift

It’s hard to ignore the shifts and changes in consciousness on our planet. Old paradigms of society, purpose, work and money are falling away. Everything is speeding up. And those of us who are choosing to engage with our spiritual resources are leading the way.

When you access your intuition – the wisdom that comes from your Higher Self – you are accessing fifth-dimensional consciousness. The fifth dimension, if you are not yet aware, is the next “place” to which we are evolving. And when you not only access your intuition, but ACT on it, you make choices based on your Higher Self’s desire to express itself into this physical lifetime. Every single time you do that, you are grounding fifth-dimensional consciousness on our planet. You are leading the shift.

The fifth dimension is what we generally perceive as the spiritual plane. There are many, many modalities focused on opening up to fifth-dimensional consciousness. Soul Realignment is one of those modalities – we read and heal in the Akashic Records, which are, again, a fifth-dimensional place. We give people a sense of who their Higher Self is, so they can bring their Soul purpose into this lifetime.

But all those modalities are not going to help our personal or planetary evolution unless we ground those fifth-dimensional frequencies in the physical. THAT is what evolves us while we are incarnated.

What does that mean? We cannot separate ourselves from our Soul purpose, for one thing. If you’ve been secretly wishing or yearning you could make your living doing something different (and perhaps less “practical”) then now is the time.

As fifth-dimensional consciousness becomes more accessible to us, reason and logic is going to show its vast limitations. Ignoring our intuition, our Higher Self, is going to become downright impractical.

If you have the desire to be a part of the planetary shift in consciousness – if you are ready to lead the shift – then begin acting on your intuition. Allow your Higher Self to lead the way, to express your Divine gifts into this lifetime. Not only will it serve to transform your experience … you are also transforming our world.