Looking For Accuracy In The “Wrong” Akashic Record

Looking For Accuracy In The “Wrong” Akashic Record

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is trying to develop intuitive accuracy and objectivity by reading our own Akashic Record.

And yet, spiritual seekers often tell me that they first want to learn how to read their own Akashic Records, before even considering reading for others.

“How can I read for others if I can’t even read for myself accurately?” they ask me.

It’s an entirely understandable perspective. After all, most of us come to Akashic Records work out of a deep desire to further our own personal spiritual development. We may have our own Soul-level healing work to do. We may not yet trust our intuitive abilities. In fact, we may not have a whole lot of experience working with our intuition at all!

So why should our personal evolutionary work start by reading for others?

Shouldn’t we be able to read our own Records and confirm our accuracy through the events of our own lives?

This kind of thinking, unfortunately, leads many spiritual seekers down an endless rabbit hole of seeking confirmation of accuracy that never, ever comes.

For most seekers, their first foray into the Akashic Records is not a structured, highly intentional process. They may not know exactly what they are looking for, or what questions to ask. And so, many seekers default to asking about the future. After all, how else would you be able to confirm your own accuracy in your own experience?

This approach never, ever turns out well.

If you go into the Records with a desire for proof or some sort of confirmation of your own accuracy, then you are actually asking the Records to make you wrong!

After all, the very desire for confirmation of accuracy means we have doubt. After all, if there were no doubt, why would we need confirmation? But if we go into the Records with doubt, all that will come back to us is … more doubt.

You see, the Records are a perfect mirror. The Records are not some force or power or being. They are an energetic database. What you put in is what you get out! The Records are never, ever going to “prove” to you that you are accurate when you are in doubt. All they can do is reflect your own doubt back to you.

Add to this phenomenon that we have very little objectivity when it comes to ourselves, and you have a perfect recipe for a confusing experience that leaves you disheartened and hugely disappointed in your own intuitive abilities.

It’s impossible for us to learn objectivity by seeking intuitive information about ourselves.

Reading the right Akashic RecordThis is why, in Soul Realignment, we always start by reading for our practice clients. While this is a bit unnerving, I know, it means we don’t seek any kind of “proof” of our own accuracy in the Akashic Records! We just follow a highly structured, intentional reading protocol … and then we sit down with our practice clients and tell them our findings. Which is where the magic happens!

Because our practice clients can confirm our findings … and they do. I get excited emails from students all the time who gave their very first reading, blew their practice clients’ minds … and their own.

To me, that’s when we truly KNOW ourselves as the Divine Beings we are. We have unquestionable proof of our Oneness, our interconnectedness, our superpowers. You’ll never experience that moment if you only try to read for yourself.

When we read for other people, we can be objective and detached from what we find. We can experience just how easy reading the Akashic Records can be. And after we’ve completed four or five readings for others … we know what our own objectivity feels like.

We’ve received real and tangible confirmation from our practice clients about our own accuracy, so now we trust our intuition in a way that was never available to us before. We are forever changed, even if we never go into professional practice, even if we never read for anyone else again.

NOW … we are ready to read for ourselves. And it just so happens that we’ve also served some people along the way.

To your wisdom,
Andrrea Hess