My Soul chose WHAT?

My Soul chose WHAT?

Occasionally, my clients react with no small amount of dismay when I inform them that we, as Souls, choose our human parents.

For some of you, I know what’s going through your mind: “No way! I would have never chosen MY parents!” Or: “What was my Soul thinking???”

Alas, it’s true. No matter how you feel about your parents and your childhood today … back when you were a Soul looking for a human body to inhabit, you chose your family. And it was a very complex choice!

The Law of Attraction applies to the circumstances of our birth as it does to everything else. In Soul Realignment, we uncover many energetic issues that are the consequence of negative choices made in past lives. All of the choices our Soul has ever made throughout its history comprise our karma … and our birth family has to match our vibrational state and karmic history. Like attracts like – it’s Universal Law, after all.

But before you protest: “But I’m NOTHING like my parents!” let’s examine the rest of our choice. The Law of Attraction is only the beginning – it defines the energetic circumstances we can incarnate into, but leaves us with many options.

The Soul also chooses its human parents based on its lesson plan for the upcoming lifetime. Our Souls have a clear intention for incarnating – there is negative karma to resolve, lessons to learn, and gifts to expand so that we may evolve ourselves through our human experience. Our Soul may choose to make certain struggles and challenges part of its childhood because they are vital experiences to our spiritual growth … even though we may not yet have a complete understanding of how these difficulties fit into our purpose.

Having said that, sometimes Souls forget just how difficult this human existence can be. As spiritual Beings, we forget the harshness, the effort, and the negativity that is present in this third-dimensional experience. In communicating with my client’s Higher Selves, I have often been told that the Soul makes its choices from its pure perspective as a spiritual Being … a perspective that is very different from our human reality.

And finally, we can only choose our parents based on who they are at the time of our birth. Our parents, too, have free will. As our society becomes more spiritually empowered and many more choices are available to us in general, predetermination becomes less and less accurate. Our parents can make negative as well as positive choices that were not foreseeable at the time of our conception and birth. Because, as small children, we are not yet fully empowered through free will, our Soul’s plan can become derailed – but only for a short while. Eventually, we receive the gift of full self-determination … and then it’s all up to us.

Incarnating into the family of our birth is as much a choice as a leap of faith – we choose, and then must surrender to the consequence of this choice until we become empowered to determine our own path. But at the end of the day, it was our Soul’s choice that determined the circumstances of our birth.

As for those of us who have children … we can acknowledge the tremendous leap of faith that is becoming a parent. Because, aside from creating a positive vibrational state in our lives and deciding to create a new life, we have no say about the Soul that will incarnate into our family. We simply open our hearts and do the very best we can to honor the choice that our child’s Soul made.

How do you perceive your own choice about the family of your birth? Leave your comments and share!