Oneness And The Akashic Records

Oneness and the Akashic Records

Oneness And The Akashic Records

Oneness and the Akashic RecordsRecently, a friend of mine asked me if I had ever had an experience of “Oneness” through spiritual practice or meditation.

My answer?

“Every time I give an Akashic Records reading.”

This is one of the greatest miracles of reading the Akashic Records.

We don’t sit in meditation, hoping to have a spiritual experience through which we glimpse our connection to All That Is.

We consciously, purposefully, and on demand, connect to All That Is.  After all, the Akashic Records are connected to everything!

And then we get practical about it, because not only do we get to experience the connection to our infinite and Divine nature … we actually USE this connection to consciously create the human experience we want for ourselves.

Better yet, we get to do this every day when we work with clients.

And best of all, there is no shred of doubt that we are, in fact, connecting through the fabric of All That Is to another Soul.

When we read the Akashic Records, there is no doubt of the Oneness that is our true nature.

At the very human, physical level, we’re talking on the phone with a complete stranger, telling them all about themselves … and then they witness themselves in a new way and confirm what we’re telling them about their experience.  There’s no way we can do this work, unless we are reading the Akashic Records.

It’s the greatest experience of Oneness I can imagine.

In fact, it’s why I’m so passionate about teaching Akashic Records reading.  I really think if every person could just once witness themselves giving a stranger a totally accurate reading, we’d have world peace.

I know … maybe that’s overstating it a bit.  But that’s how profound it is to be able to be in Oneness through the Akashic Records.

To your infinite wisdom,
Andrrea Hess