Opening Up the Akashic Records

Opening Up the Akashic Records

There’s a wonderful phenomenon to accessing the Akashic Records. Every time we consciously access the Records – every single time! – we receive information we remain completely unaware of. We energetically “touch” another Soul, and by virtue of that connection, we become exposed to another’s history, experience, and gifts.

We don’t have to consciously be aware of this process. We don’t need to “get” this information, or “figure it out.” All we have to do is connect to the tremendous source of wisdom that is the Akashic Records, and trust that we are receiving exactly what we need.

If this process happens without our conscious awareness, how do we even know it’s going on? Because invariably, one day, we open our mouths to speak with a friend or client or family member, and what comes out of us is jaw-droppingly insightful. It might be brand-new information, even to us. And we know that there is no way our little minds could have come up with something so good, so wise, or so astonishing.

Accessing the Akashic Records plants seeds. We might not be able to perceive them … but somewhere within our connection to infinite intelligence, those seeds take root and grow. In the darkness of our unconscious or subconscious, they quietly plant themselves, to come into fruition right when they are necessary, for ourselves or others, or both.

We don’t have to plan for this. We don’t have to work hard for it. All we have to do is connect into the Akashic Records. All we have to do is show up.