Powerful Intuition

Powerful Intuition

Intuition is like technology. It’s very powerful – and at the same time its power is very dependent on the end user. A wealth of information is available to us through our intuition. But if we don’t ask powerful questions that are truly designed to transform our experience, our intuition can easily have us running around in circles.

The quality of the questions we ask our higher self and our spirit guides always determines the quality of the information received back. If we ask vague, unspecific, general questions, we receive vague unspecific and general information.

So why do many of us continue to bombard our intuitive resources with questions such as: ”How do I align with my Soul’s purpose?” or even: “How do I create financial abundance in my life?”

At first glance these questions might seem valuable and fairly specific. The problem is that the answers don’t require us to take immediate action. We may get a vision of our purpose, or of a path towards financial abundance. That vision or path may even be quite clear. However, having a vision or path before us doesn’t necessarily compel us to take action today.

I see this all the time in my practice. It’s not that my clients don’t know their purpose or that they do not know where to start. It’s that action takes commitment and effort. And when we receive guidance that is vague and unspecific, taking action on it requires a great deal of faith.

A far more powerful and productive question to direct to your Spirit Guides and Higher Self would be: “What can I do today to further align to my soul’s purpose?”

It’s rare that we ask this type of question. That’s because we already know that the answer will take us out of our familiar routine. Most likely we will be guided far outside of our normal comfort zone. We may find ourselves guided to do what we’ve been putting off for weeks, months, or even years.

Using our intuition in such a specific, powerful way requires courage and commitment. We find that we may actually have to follow through on creating the outcome we are asking about! As fond as we are of the idea of intuitive guidance, most of us don’t use it in a way that actually demands action.

At the same time, receiving specific action steps from our intuition is incredibly comforting. We know for sure that these actions are guided actions. We know that they will align to our highest good. And so, if we dare, asking these powerful questions leverages our intuition towards creating incredible transformation in our lives.

This week, will you challenge yourself to ask for guidance around what specific actions you can take today to create what you really want?

Try it. Within two days, you may find yourself getting extremely uncomfortable. But you also may rise to the occasion and create far more in a single week than you have in months or even years, while feeling lovingly supported by your intuitive resources.

Andrea Hess