Questions And The Akashic Records

Questions And The Akashic Records

So many of us have developed a very high level of fifth-dimensional consciousness. That means we can access our own Akashic Records, our team of Spirit Guides, and our Higher Self with greater ease than ever before. Our intuition is “on” at high volume twenty-four seven.

And this is getting some of us in trouble!

You see, with this “always-on” high-speed slot connection to our intuitive resources, our thoughts will generate intuitive impulses incessantly.

In other words, you’re always setting intentions. And you’re always asking for guidance.

So … how are you communicating with yourself? Most importantly … what questions are you asking yourself in your own mind?

Sometimes we ask ourselves questions – just amidst the mind chatter of our thoughts – that are less than productive from an intuitive perspective. And sometimes we ask ourselves questions that are downright damaging! (This is one of the great things about the Soul Realignment modality … you learn how to ask only productive questions that actually yield meaningful information.)

Let’s say you’re asking yourself something like: “Why can’t I make more money / find that ideal romantic partner / drop twenty pounds?”

You’ll get an answer. You’ll receive intuitive nudges and insights as to the problem at hand. You’ll get glimpses of Soul-level memories from your Akashic Records as well as current-life memories from your subconscious memory files. You’ll probably also attract a few obvious road blocks to show you exactly why you CAN’T.

In other words, this kind of question makes your own perceived obstacles BIGGER.

If you ask something like: “What are my self-limiting beliefs?” they are going to show up for you in a nice, pronounced way all over the place. If you ask: “How am I holding myself back?” this is going to show up for you, too. You’ll get a full dose of exactly how you’re holding yourself back!

Let’s say you’re asking exactly how you’re limiting yourself from creating a certain income. Not only will you end up becoming aware of every bit of childhood programming of your financial life, your lack of ability to receive, any past-life situations where money has been a negative experience …you’ll also manifest your perceived limitation in a bigger way and your income may actually go DOWN.

Hey … you asked! You wanted to be shown … and the Universe delivers! And since you’re now at a high level of consciousness, it means you manifest everything bigger and faster than before.

Of course, there’s value in having a full-blown experience of your own self-imposed limitations. If you prefer to learn through a hard slap with the Universal two by four … this is a great way to do it!

Whatever you focus on expands. The more expanded our consciousness, the more true and immediate this becomes. Focus on understanding issues, problems, and limitation … and that’s what you’ll get. Persist on focusing on your “problems,” and you may end up with the perception that you are, in fact, a hot mess in spite of all your spiritual development work.

It’s much better to ask for solutions, for the roadmap to your desired outcomes. Which means that you have to know what you want to create, to know where you are going.

Intentionality is EVERYTHING right now. Language is resonating at a more and more literal level as the fifth dimension opens up to us. How you phrase your intentions, how you ask for guidance, how you speak with yourself within your own thoughts … it matters more than ever.

Listen more closely to your own internal thoughts and questions today. You may find that you are receiving exactly what you’re asking for – once you realize what you’ve been asking!

To your infinite inner wisdom,
Andrea Hess