Reading The Akashic Records for Teens

Reading The Akashic Records for Teens

As parents, we are responsible for our children.  Because responsibility and power go hand in hand, we are of course also empowered to make choices on behalf of our children until they can make choices for themselves.

The younger the child, the more true this holds – babies and toddlers have almost no responsibilities, and have very few choices available to them!

And so, as parents, we can read and clear our childrens’ Akashic Records without their permission – or ask a Practitioner to do so on our behalf.

But just because we CAN … does that mean we SHOULD?

I wouldn’t ask someone to do any kind of reading or energy work on my eight year old daughter without her being a part of the process.

Recently, one of my Practitioners had an experience of reading for a teenager.  The teen’s mom had purchased the reading without the daughter’s permission and had clearly not prepared her for the session.  The teen was, understandably, pretty outraged.  Instead of feeling supported, she felt betrayed.

teenandparentTeenagers, while frequently not financially responsible for themselves, nevertheless are empowered to make a great many choices for themselves.

It’s understandable when a parent wants to have energy clearing performed on a difficult teenager.  But is it okay to do so without their permission?  Our Akashic Records are so private.  Being a teenager is a difficult enough experience without also feeling energetically intruded upon.

Then again, we want to help our teenage children as much as possible, especially when they have a habit of getting themselves into trouble.

What’s the answer here?

I think that, as parents, it’s important to examine our own motivations and agenda.  Are we at all in the motivation of somehow trying to “fix” our teenager through an Akashic Records reading and clearing?  Are we wishing our teen were different, better behaved, less trouble?

No-one likes the idea that someone wants to “fix” or “change” us without our permission.  If you’re not sure whether to have an Akashic Records reading and clearing performed for your teen, turn the situation around.

What if your teen came to a Practitioner and said: “My Mom / Dad is so controlling and just doesn’t understand me.  Can’t you do a reading and clearing so that she’ll lay off me?”  Would that sit well with you?

It’s one thing if a teenager is acting destructively towards themselves and others. But then our level of intervention must be MORE than just energetic … a reading and clearing won’t help when, really, their car and allowance and overall freedom of choice must be taken away to keep them safe.  But it’s another matter entirely if we simply don’t LIKE the choices our teenager is making.

At some point, we have to honor that our teens are invested with free will … which means we don’t energetically intercede on their behalf in the Akashic Records without permission.

To your infinite wisdom,
Andrrea Hess