Revealing Our Divinity

Revealing Our Divinity

A lot of people want to access the Akashic Records to discover more about their Soul’s past lives. To me, that’s not nearly the most interesting information available to us through the Records!

You see … before we ever incarnated, before we ever began making choices, both positive and negative, within this human experience … before all that, our Soul became a Soul.

Our Soul was birthed from Divine Source, created as a unique, individuated expression of itself. From Divine Source, we were created as a one-of-a-kind piece of consciousness, connected to everything else through Source, OF Source, and yet separate from everything else.

Learning about our past lives is great, especially if we’re still experiencing the consequences of the choices we made in those past lives.

But to me, it’s far more valuable to journey back to our Soul’s origination and discover who we were when we were first created. Before layers and layers of humanity began obscuring our Divine nature … what WAS our Divine nature?

This is the true gift of the Akashic Records.

Who, exactly, are we as Divine Beings? What is the unique energetic matrix of individuated consciousness that is our Soul?

Our spiritual development path is not about evolving our Soul. It’s about returning to the understanding OF our Soul, so that our Soul may be expressed as human. After all, that’s why we’re here.

Spiritual development is about allowing the unique energetic matrix of consciousness that is our Soul to be translated through our human experience, in all its realities. Who is our Soul in relationship? In work and business? How does our Soul express itself through money and health?

It’s a hit-or-miss experiment, really … unless we enter the Akashic Records and discover who we’ve always been, and who we’re meant to be.

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To you infinite Divine nature,
Andrrea Hess