School’s OUT for 2012!

School’s OUT for 2012!

When outcomes aren’t as we intended – or when we encounter struggle and hardship! – there’s a trend in the spiritual community to assume there’s a “lesson” within our experience. We put a positive spin on unwanted events by calling them “growth opportunities.”

Isn’t it odd, though, that we don’t regard our positive experiences the same way? What if we flawlessly manifest an event, a dollar amount, a new relationship? We don’t tend to sit back and say: “What’s my lesson in this? What is my growth opportunity?” Instead, we celebrate our little miracle with gratitude and move on.

It seems that we insist on learning the hard way.

Somewhere in our consciousness, we may have decided that the “school” of life comes with some tough exams and long study sessions.

The problem is that we get what we expect.

In the end, life is just a series of choices, followed by consequences. The consequence we create informs us of the energetic quality of our choice, so that we can then use this information to make subsequent choices.

There are no “lessons” that we have to learn … unless we choose them for ourselves. There are no struggles that we have to overcome … unless we choose them for ourselves.

What choices are we really here to make? The answer is simple.

We are here to make choices that express our Divinity. Each one of us is a unique, individuated expression of the Divine, and so the choices that express our Divinity are uniquely different for each one of us.

Express your Divinity, and you manifest flawlessly. Choose the expression of your Soul Purpose, choose to act in alignment with your Divine Gifts … and the results can only be Divinely abundant.

Make choices outside of your Divinity, and you are in your negative self-expression. You are being who you are NOT, rather than the Divine Being that you are. What else could the result be but negative?

Sometimes free will sucks.

But free will can also liberate us from the lessons, the tests, the hurdles that we’ve somehow decided are a part of our spiritual path.

Just choose to be, and act, and think in your Divinity.

I was talking to one of my Soul Realignment students just yesterday about creating an intimate relationship with our Soul …. about being as familiar, as connected, and as identified with our Soul as we are with our physical body. It’s entirely possible. All we do within Soul Realignment is study the nature of our client’s Souls, and our own Soul, and how we create our experience through choice and consequences.

How well do you know your Soul? How well do you know the Soul and it’s self-expression overall? What is the individuated expression of the Divine that is YOU?

Your Soul is not a mystery. Your Divine self-expression – or lack thereof – is written all over the consequences of your choices.

Whatever you focus on expands. Focus on learning through struggle, through tough lessons … and this will inevitably be what expands. But focus on the flow of your most Divine self-expression, and you’re suddenly not “in school” anymore!

It’s 2012. It’s time that we upgrade our perspective on spiritual development. It’s up to us to choose!

To your Divinity,
Andrea Hess