Searching The Akashic Records

Searching The Akashic Records

Searching The Akashic Records

It’s so important that we recognize the unique characteristics of ANY wisdom source we may intuitively access, including the Akashic Records.

Just the other day, one of my students asked me how we might go about accessing the Akashic Records for guidance and inspiration.

My short answer was: “We don’t.”

You see, the Akashic Records are, at the end of the day, an energetic database. Their purpose is, quite literally, to RECORD every choice you have ever made, since the inception of your Soul. Therefore the Akashic Records are a tremendous source of INFORMATION.

Think of the Akashic Records like a search engine.

You have to know the proper way to log on to that search engine, and you have to know the right keywords to search for. But if you do … up comes the information you were looking for! How you apply that information is up to you. It comes with no opinion whatsoever attached to it.

Just like Google only gives you search results based on the keywords you enter, the Akashic Records only give you what you are specifically looking for. And just like Google, the Akashic Records have their own “algorithm” of sorts that determine the results of your search – your intention!

The neutrality of the Akashic Records is exactly what makes it such a powerful wisdom source – and a tricky one to access accurately. The Akashic Records allow us to access information, not FROM the Soul but ABOUT the Soul, and thus can help us in way that, for example, our Higher Self simply cannot.

But if we come into the Akashic Records with a screwed up “algorithm” – basically, with an intention that is highly biased, or simply not a match for the information available to us – then our “search results” will also be less than accurate.

And what if you do want intuitive guidance and inspiration?

Guidance is available to us from our Spirit Guide team.

And inspiration is derived from our Higher Self.

All of us have considerable spiritual resources at our disposal. But we must know how each of these resources can serve us if we are going to leverage them to create the human experience we desire!

To your abundance,