The Akashic Records and Predetermined Relationships

The Akashic Records and Predetermined Relationships

How predetermined are our relationship?  Do we have firm “agreements” with other Souls to learn lessons together before we incarnate?

These are questions I’m sometimes asked by my clients, especially when they are grappling with difficult relationships.

crowd2There are very interesting shifts and changes happening within human relationships these days.  You see, we live in an incredibly exciting time.  With the accessibility of the Internet, we now have the opportunity to have relationships with more people all over the world.  We have far more choices as to who we spend our time with, who we associate with, who we learn from, and who we serve.

The possibilities available to us about who to be in relationship with are quite overwhelming … as are the energetic shifts and changes that we are all creating in our Akashic Records.

We certainly used to encounter the same Souls, over and over again – not because we were somehow karmically “fated” or “destined” to “learn lessons” together but because we kept making the same choices, and thus continued to be a vibrational match for one another.  And let’s remember, there were only so many people available to us when communities were much smaller, and global communication was unavailable.  Of course we kept attracting one another!

There are still many Souls that we encounter that we’ve had relationships with in past incarnations.  They are either a match for past negative choices which do not express our Divinity.  Or they are a match for past positive choices, which DO express our Divine nature.

We feel a familiarity with these Souls.  And certainly, if they are part of a pattern of negative choices, we now have an opportunity to witness the consequences of those choices through the relationship, and make a new choice … or not.

But we also don’t HAVE TO examine choice and consequences through relationship with these familiar Souls … mainly, because so many other people are available to us to be in relationship with!

We have to remember that our choices are OURS.  Even if we incur karma while making choices within a relationship, the karma is OURS.  After all, karma is just the system of choice and consequence.  WE make the choice, WE manifest the consequence.  If the choice and the consequence were negative, we now have the opportunity to correct the choice.  Do we have to do so with the same exact Soul that we were in relationship with five lifetimes ago, when we first created the negative karma?


We can work “our stuff” out with many others Souls that are now available to us.  Because it’s OUR individual “stuff” even though we may have created it while in relationship.

There is a wonderful beauty to this.

If we encounter difficulties over and over again with ONE person, it’s easy to blame that person for all our struggles.  It’s easy to make the struggle about the relationship itself, rather than acknowledging how WE are creating our own pattern of negative choice and consequence.

But nowadays, we have the opportunity to engage with a lot more people!  And now we we have the opportunity to encounter the same difficulties over and over again – with the last four boyfriends we had, the various communities we belong to on Facebook, the different people all over the world that we may encounter in our business or job.

If we leave behind a friendship or marriage or job and recreate the same exact struggle elsewhere … well, we’d have to take responsibility.  When the same struggle arises for us, over an over again with DIFFERENT people … well, we have to acknowledge that WE are the common denominator.  We can go into the Akashic Records and come to a swift understanding of how WE are creating the struggle, through choice.

There is no true predetermination when it comes to relationships.  There is, however, vast opportunity.  Because we have so many more relationships available to us, we have more people that can serve as mirrors for our choices.

Unless, of course, we’d rather not see.

To your infinite wisdom,
Andrrea Hess