The Akashic Records and Spiritual Self-Protection

Andrrea Hess

The Akashic Records and Spiritual Self-Protection

Many highly conscious people I know practice – or try to practice! – some kind of spiritual self-protection.  I don’t advise this in general, and especially not in the Akashic Records.

In Soul Realignment, we actually take a detached “read-only” approach to accessing the Akashic Records.  It’s the difference between reading something like, say, a recipe for baked eggplant, and a riveting love story.

We don’t want to crawl INTO the story within the Akashic Records.  We just want to read ABOUT the ingredients that make up the Soul’s story, and piece the story together from there.  It really is much like reading the ingredients of a recipe, and then reading the instructions on how it all goes together.

And that’s really all the self-protection we need in the Akashic Records.  In general, I don’t advise ANY spiritual self-protection practices.  Why?  Watch this video to find out: