The Akashic Records As A Manifesting Tool

The Akashic Records As A Manifesting Tool

Most people don’t think of the Akashic Records as a manifesting tool. But the Akashic Records are incredibly important to reliably and consistently manifesting what we want! Here’s how the Akashic Records serve as a resource for effectively manifesting our intentions:

In order to consciously and intentionally create our human experience, there are three distinct sets of “laws” that we must follow.

The first set of laws exists purely at the practical, physical level. For example, if you want to manifest a new relationship, you’ll probably have to leave the house and meet someone new eventually. If you want to manifest a new job, you might actually have to apply for one. If you want to manifest your house being sold, listing it is probably essential. At the physical level, there are always some practical action steps we have to take in order to create the reality of our choosing.

By the way … sometimes spiritual seekers try to use the OTHER two sets of laws to try and circumvent the laws of physical reality. It never works!

The next set of laws are the Universal laws of karma. Most people think generating positive karma is about being “good” and doing “good” things. This is woefully inaccurate. We all know that bad things happen to good people all the time! And this is where the Akashic Records can really serve to expand our understanding!

With the right system of Akashic Records access, we can learn to trace the difficulties in our present life not just to the choices we are currently making that are perpetuating our unwanted results, but also to the past life in which these negative karmic patterns originated.

After all, the Akashic Records are a database of all the choices we’ve ever made throughout the history of our Soul. When we start tracing karmic patterns over the course of lifetimes, we develop an incredible understanding of exactly how the laws of karma operate, and how we create our experience, through choice.

The more we study these patterns within the Akashic Records, the more skilled we become at making the specific choices that will create the human experience we want. We also learn how to avoid the choices that will create unwanted results. The Akashic Records effectively teach us the laws of karma, so that we can leverage these laws to create exactly the reality we want.

But there is also a third set of laws when it comes to manifesting of which most people are entirely unaware.

Each of us, at Soul-level, is designed to manifest differently. Each and every Soul has its own unique and highly specific “laws” or rules of how we manifest with ease, and how we create struggle.

It really all depends on what specific energetic qualities our Soul is actually made of. Our Souls are like snowflakes … we’re all uniquely designed by the Divine. And so, each of us is designed to manifest a bit differently, and sometimes drastically differently. Without understanding our Soul’s design for manifestation, the whole process is highly hit or miss!

Fortunately, we can actually access this information about the Soul’s design for manifestation in the Akashic Records!

These are the three sets of “laws” for manifestation – the physical, the karmic, and the Soul-level. And when it comes to both karmic and Soul-level laws of manifestation, the Akashic Records are possibly the most useful tool available to us!