The Akashic Records, Intuition, and Commitment

The Akashic Records, Intuition, and Commitment

Beside the personal information I need from a client to access their Akashic Record, I always ask the client to let me know their intention for their session – usually via email.

Here’s the funny thing: I usually know how committed they are to that intention within just a few minutes of accessing their Record.

When a client is totally, whole-heartedly committed to their intention, the information I receive for them is clear, direct, powerful, and highly specific.

When a client is wishy-washy about their intention, the information is more general, indirect, suggestive.  And often, I end up having a conversation with that client about what they REALLY want, so that we can get a new quality of information for them from their Akashic Records.

Commitment to intention isn’t just important when we read the Akashic Records on behalf of others – it is imperative when we’re using our intuition on our own behalf!

Remember, your intuition functions entirely based on your intention.  Some people operate from an attitude of “Spirit, just show me the path that’s meant for me.”  It’s a terrible way to utilize our intuition.  No path is “meant for” any of us.  We are Spirit, and we have free will for a reason.

We get to choose our path.

Our intuition then serves to guide us along that path.

The more committed we are to what we say we want, the more specific the guidance we receive will be.

Unfortunately, some of us set intentions that are full of hope, that are more wish than decision.  And then we wait for clear guidance around our next steps … and wonder why it’s not coming.  Worse, we may then set a new intention (or hope, or wish!) because obviously the first one wasn’t “meant to be.”

We forget that we are the powerful Creators of our experience.  We expect Spirit and intuition to lead the way, when it is really our WILL that is the creative force behind all the spiritual resources we are blessed with.

When you ask for guidance, how committed are you to your intention?  Are you prepared to do anything, to change everything, to step way out of your comfort zone to manifest what you truly want?

Or are you only committed to your intention as long as you can manifest it easily, without changing too many things in your life, without investing time or effort?

The clarity of the guidance you receive will actually tell you.

If you’ve been struggling to get “clear,” the problem is probably not that you aren’t tuned in to your intuition.  The problem is probably your commitment level.

And if you go to get a reading from someone to help you, guess what?  That reading is STILL based on your intention, and commitment level.  So if you can’t get clear, and you keep getting readings from intuitives that also don’t give you clarity … it still boils down to your commitment level.

How committed are you to your intentions?

Andrrea Hess

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