The Intuitive Experience

The Intuitive Experience

Let’s be honest – it’s nice to have a distinctive, doubt-erasing intuitive experience. We all want to KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that we’re really connecting to our clients, to our Guides, or our own Higher Self. We want it to feel extraordinary, so that we know it’s real. And every once in a great while, we are indeed blessed with an extraordinary experience – a clear vision, an overwhelming sense of knowing, a distinct message that resounds in our heads.

What do we do with these extraordinary experiences? We try to hang on with them. We try to recreate them. We get attached.

Practitioners who receive the Akashic Record attunement from our Level I training program sometimes ask whether it would be alright if they repeated the process. They want to remember more details, or take better notes, or simply be more firmly convinced that something really happened.

Intuition, however, is not usually an extraordinary thing. It’s a natural resource we’re all blessed with. Whether we know it or not, we all receive intuitive information all the time. And so wanting to recreate a distinctive intuitive experience actually disconnects us from what comes naturally. We work too hard. We focus our minds so much that we create mental interference energy. If anything, the advice I most frequently hand out to new Soul Realignment students is to ease up on their level of concentration in their work.

Intuition is easy. The less we grasp for the information we need, the less attached we are to having a distinctive, extraordinary experience … the more “real” and accessible our intuition becomes. We are usually blessed with those rare extraordinary intuitive experiences when we least expect them. They are still nothing to get attached to. Sometimes we have clear visions. Sometimes we have just a shadow of a nudge. The intensity of the experience has nothing to do with the validity of the information.

When we allow intuition to be ordinary, we are truly receptive to this natural resource.