The Key To Akashic Records Accuracy

The Key To Akashic Records Accuracy

There is a single key element that is absolutely essential to intuitive accuracy when you access the Akashic Records.

Let me briefly define what I mean by intuitive accuracy.

Accuracy is not defined by our feeling or sense of clarity when we access the Records, but by our RESULTS. If you act on intuitive information, and don’t create the result you intended, then that intuitive information was inaccurate.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of ways in which we can rationalize inaccuracy! “It wasn’t meant to be” or “The Universe thought I needed to learn a different lesson” are just some of the ways we rationalize our lack of results.

But when your intuition is accurate, it guides you towards creating exactly what you intended. That is, after all, what our intuition is designed for! We are here to manifest the life we desire for ourselves. We are Divine Beings in a human experience, and we get to create exactly what we want for ourselves. We don’t have to earn the reality we want, we don’t have to learn lessons before we get to create it, we don’t have to become “better” or “more evolved.” Those are just more rationalizations for intuitive inaccuracies!

The key to accurate intuitive information depends on whether you are looking to the Akashic Records for instructions, or looking to the Akashic Records for guidance. There’s a huge difference between the two!

So many spiritual seekers turn towards a spiritual resource like the Akashic Records in order to be told what to do. We have an intention, we don’t know how to get from where we are to where we want to be, and so now access the Records with the intention of “Show me the path.” Maybe even unconsciously, we just want Spirit to tell us what to do. We want to surrender.  We long to receive clear directions from outside of ourselves, from some “higher” source of wisdom. We are basically looking for a set of specific instructions for which actions to take next … and this creates major problems!

All spiritual resources recognize us as the creators of our experience, through free will. The Akashic Records, like all spiritual resources, acknowledge us as the ultimate authority of our lives.

In other words … no spiritual resource will ever, ever tell us what to do. Because that would invalidate our free will. We are here, as Divine Beings, to create our human experience, through choice. For Spirit to give us detailed instructions on what to do would essentially negate our Divine nature, which is what we are here to experience in the first place!

Asking the Akashic Records to show us exactly what to do is like trying to return the gift of free will that we were given by Spirit. And we can’t. So if any part of our intention is that we want to be told what to do, we actually end up disconnecting from the Akashic Records in that moment. Instead, the “answers” we think we’re intuitively receiving will come from our subconscious mind.

Tapping into our own subconscious instead of tapping into the Akashic Records is not a good thing! Our subconscious mind is just going to source information from our memories, or our imagination. Either way, we end up with inaccuracy!

But there is another level of information we can receive from the Akashic Records, and that is guidance.

In Soul Realignment, guidance comes in as understanding of our Soul-level gifts and origins, as well as a complete understanding of what karmic patterns we are currently engaged in. This is highly specific information that provides clear context and guidance for our decision-making … but doesn’t actually tell us what choices to make. We are not asking for specific instructions on what to do next. We’re asking for information that helps us make our choices, while still remaining 100% responsible for those choices. And that makes all the difference to our accuracy!

Always be highly aware of your intention. Make sure that you know how to receive specific, but guiding information from the Records that will help you make your choices without seeking to be told what to do. You’ll find your intuitive accuracy improving drastically!

To your wisdom,
Andrrea Hess