The Narrow Path

The Narrow Path

I love the show “American Ninja Warrior.” I find the sheer willpower of the athletes both moving and inspiring. To be honest, I regularly cry while watching the show. And after about an hour … I start wondering whether maybe, just maybe, there’s some sort of inner athlete lurking within me that needs unleashing.

Except … there isn’t. I know who I am at Soul-level, and I know my zone of genius, and it does not involve jumping over obstacles or running up a warped wall. Sure, I hike and work out to stay healthy. But athleticism is not my gift. And thank goodness I KNOW THIS. Because otherwise, I might end up investing a lot of time and effort into something that is simply not my Divine self-expression. And I would create struggle.

The greatest blessing of being incarnated today is that we have a practically infinite variety of choices available to us as individuals! This is why today, living as a Divine Being in our human experience is actually available!

But with so many choices available to us, we also have the opportunity to make more “negative” choices than ever.

Just to put that term into context … a “negative” choice as we define it in Soul Realignment isn’t a “bad” choice or even a “wrong” choice. It’s simply a choice that is incongruent to our unique, Divine nature. A negative choice doesn’t express who we are as a spiritual Being. It always creates struggle and lack. And since, at Soul-level, we’re all very different, a “negative” choice for me might be a very positive choice for you!

Throughout human history, we were making mostly negative choices because we simply didn’t have many choices available to us! Society and religion prescribed most of our choices for us, and for a large part of human history, going against the grain of society was highly likely to get us killed in very unpleasant ways.

But today, we have a brand-new reason for making negative choices (along with the old ones!) While on one hand celebrating our uniqueness and individuality has become socially acceptable, we’re bombarded with possibilities, every day, about what that uniqueness could look like.

Via mainstream and social media, we can now peer into each other’s lives (or rather, the super positive, polished and filtered version of each other’s lives!) We have more opportunity to become inspired by someone else’s results. The possibilities for our lives, along with our choices, have become infinite.

On top of all this noise, we also have “experts” telling us their magical formula that will help us reach the extraordinary results we see all around us, from building a business, to losing thirty pounds, or hitting the buzzer at the end of an obstacle course.

We are so overwhelmed by who we COULD be that it’s actually harder than ever to be who we truly are. And since most people still can’t describe the energetic attributes and Divine Gifts of their Soul … well, we’re making as many negative choices as ever before.

It actually takes incredible discipline to live our Divine self-expression. Our Souls are specialists, not generalists. The path of making positive choices that express who we truly are as Divine Beings is incredibly narrow, compared to the huge array of choices available to us, every single day.

And here’s the funny thing.

Compared to the noise of possibility that we are bombarded with daily, our ego finds our path of Divine self-expression rather boring!

When we align to our Divine self-expression, we step into the flow of abundance. We no longer struggle. We have more than enough time, more than enough money, and a healthy body to enjoy it all.

But our ego is conditioned to value “hard” work and results gained through struggle. Our ego values overcoming challenges! And so, inspired by the daily possibility overload we are subjected to by the media, we often choose a path full of negative choices, struggle and obstacles!

Struggle is the ego’s comfort zone. A life of abundance and ease that doesn’t require much effort? We’re just not comfortable with that idea! And all around us are tempting options that are SOMEONE ELSE’s Divine self-expression. It seems so much easier to emulate someone else’s choices than to find our own narrow path!

It takes tremendous discipline to not only uncover our Soul’s true nature … but to actually DO our Divinity, and nothing else but OUR Divinity.

It takes tremendous discipline to just do our Gifts, and say “no” to every other choice available.

Incredibly, it takes discipline to allow life to be abundant and easy.

And when our ego goes into the “bright shiny object syndrome” of “gift envy,” we must remember that the narrow path of Divine self-expression may not be wide. But it runs deep, and far, and it will lead us to brand-new places and results if we just keep following it.

To your abundance,
Andrrea Hess