The One Choice That Defines You

The One Choice That Defines You

connect-316638_640There is ONE choice that your Soul made, a choice that is undeniable, and ultimately defining.

Your Soul chose to become human, and to make this human experience its playground for your Divine self-expression.

That’s why it’s amazing to me when “spiritual” people disparage some of the most integral aspects of the human experience.  Such disparagement is so common, but has such dire consequences!

Take money, for example.

The more money we have, the more choices we have available to us. And we are here to create, through choice! Choice is how we express our Divinity into our humanity. And, at the third-dimensional level, money is absolutely essential to our ability to choose. So … how is money not sacred?

Or take any luxury item – for example, a really gorgeous pair of shoes that retails somewhere in the vicinity of $1,000. Of course it’s totally fine to say that you cannot, at this time, afford a thousand dollar pair of shoes. And it’s totally fine if you don’t value a pair of shoes enough to ever make this investment for yourself.

But … it’s quite another thing to say: “I can’t believe anyone would ever charge that much for a pair of shoes! How dare they! Only crazy people would buy into such outrage. What a terrible place the world has become, that people can get away with selling such expensive shoes.”

Here’s something you might wish to consider. That pair of shoes is the physical result of another Soul’s Divine self-expression.

Disparaging a fine glass of wine, the iPhone, a beautifully crafted home or piece of furniture, an impeccably made piece of designer clothing, or how much someone else charges for a healing session … all this means disparaging another Soul’s Divine self-expression into the physical world.

And we are all One, remember?

Belittle someone else’s Divine self-expression … and you belittle your own. Do you think your Soul thrives when you discredit and disdain another Soul’s creativity, expressed into the material plane?

Of course not.

But more importantly, if you malign absolutely integral aspects of the human experience – like money! – that your Soul CHOSE for itself … you are actually invalidating your Soul’s choice to be HERE.

Perhaps the biggest source of lack in our spiritual community is this argument many people seem to have with their Soul’s most obvious choice – to be human.

A lot of folks in the spiritual development world actually have an intense dislike for the human experience.

A few want to “ascend” and get the heck out. I know people who were bitterly disappointed when the world did not end in December of 2012.

But more frequently, spiritual seekers are engaging in spiritual escapism. They spend more time talking to their Guides than to actual people. They channel this entity and that and float around in the ether while letting their bank accounts dwindle and their health deteriorate. Neglect of the human experience means they have FEWER choices, therefore are LESS able to express their Divinity, making the human experience harder, leading to MORE spiritual escapism. And so it goes.

Others look to spiritual wisdom and energy-based modalities as some sort of “easy button,” in an attempt to circumvent the effort it takes to be creative at the physical level of our being. No matter how much we sit around and meditate, stare at vision boards, and say affirmations … if we want new results, we’re going to have to DO something different. Somehow, spirituality is now providing excellent ways to rationalize the insanity of doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results. It’s heartbreaking.

The Akashic Records are not a tool for spiritual escapism. They are a tool that allows us to step into our Divine self-expression as HUMAN beings. The Akashic Records help us understand what choices will create our desired consequences … so that we can make this human experience the playground of our choosing.

Your Souls CHOSE to be here, to be human. That’s why you’re sitting around in a physical body right now!

So ask yourself … can you celebrate your Soul’s choice to be HERE?

Can you celebrate the amazing human playground your Soul chose for itself?

Can you acknowledge that maybe you’ve been choosing to make the playground a battle ground, or a proving ground, or a rather unpleasant school?

Can you celebrate all the many ways – technology, fashion, food, fitness, architecture, interior design, literature, art – through which we can express our Divinity?

Can you celebrate money as the stuff that makes more choices available to you?

Can you celebrate sex as the embodied energy of our creative power?

Your Soul chose to be here. You can argue with that choice. Or you can celebrate and embrace it. That is the gift of free will.

What do you think?  Is there a part of you that, perhaps, doesn’t want to deal with being human?  Leave a comment, share your thoughts!

To your Divine humanity,
Andrrea Hess