The Past and Present In The Akashic Records

The Past and Present In The Akashic Records

One of the most useful aspects of reading the Akashic Records is uncovering negative choices we made in a past life, the consequences of which are still affecting us today.  We call these negative blocks and restrictions, because they are literally the energies that are blocking us from living our Divinity in the present.

It’s fabulously empowering to look at our past choices and see how their consequences are still playing out in our lives today.

But what we really have to realize is that what’s in our Akashic Record is not in the past.

If it’s in our Record today, it’s still happening today.

The truth is that we’re STILL making the same darn negative choices in our present lives.

Let’s say, for example, that ten lifetimes ago, we made the choice to get married for money.  We wanted to be financially comfortable, and we were willing to sacrifice authentic love to that end.

That choice will set up a pattern of sacrifice around money.  If it goes uncorrected, this pattern will persist, lifetime after lifetime, and we will continually attract situations where we are asked to give up love for money.

The problem is that we will CONTINUE to give up love for money – but in life today, the choice will take on a different form.  For example, we might choose to stay in a well-paying job that we dislike.

The consequence – that money only comes at the cost of love – is still present.  Because we’re still making the same darn negative choice!

Going into the Records helps us pinpoint the original choice.  The perspective of making this choice in a PAST life allows us to take responsibility for the negative pattern we ourselves set into motion.

But if we’re willing, we can take this understanding one step further and realize we’re still making exactly the same choice in our lives today. And of course, we can then choose to do things differently, to correct the negativity and step further into our Divine self-expression.

The Akashic Records exist outside of linear time.  What is within them is not just in the past, it also exists today.

To your infinite wisdom,