The Power of Language

The Power of Language

Language is one of those magical and powerful tools that is so universal to humanity that we often get sloppy in its use. Language can allow us to receive impeccably accurate intuitive information. But if used improperly, it can also become an obstacle we ourselves put in our own way.

Language, like our very Being, is multi-dimensional in nature. At the physical level, it takes form through our body’s breath and movement and becomes waves of sound that travel through the air. Language carries both thought and emotion. And at the fifth-dimensional level, language shapes our intention.

Language truly is the powerful bridge that allows us to act as powerful, multi-dimensional Creators of our experience.

Unless we use it against ourselves. Unfortunately, we do this all the time.

Here’s one use of language that drives me crazy. It’s when I hear people talk about intuition coming from “Spirit.” Phrases such as “Spirit was telling me …” or “I felt guided by Spirit …”

Here’s why: As long as we use language that distinctly separates “us” from “Spirit,” we are affirming, over and over again, that WE are not Spirit.

Which is not true.

We ARE Spirit. Spirit IS us. There is no separation. In other words, when we’re talking to Spirit, we’re talking to ourselves. When Spirit guides us, WE are guiding ourselves. But as long as we use language that upholds Spirit as a separate entity or authority … we’re creating limitation. We’re also abdicating our inner spiritual authority.

And THAT really messes with our intuitive development.

Instead of “asking Spirit,” are you willing to inquire within yourself for your own answers?

Instead of saying “I felt guided by Spirit …” why not use the words “I KNOW that …”

Better yet, be specific as to where, exactly, your intuitive information is coming from!

One of my favorite things about Soul Realignment is our highly specific language. When we use our intuition – on our own behalf or on behalf of others – clarity of intention is everything. And what shapes that clarity is our language.

In Soul Realignment, we have specific lines of questioning that we apply to our client’s Akashic Records to ensure that we get exactly the information we want. We name everything, and define our terminology to a very high level.

There is immense power in the “naming” of a thing … especially when it comes to energetic circumstances. Thus, we give every energetic restriction within our client’s Records names and definitions … because this gives us the consciousness that allows us to clear and redefine that energetic circumstance.

Whether you use a highly structured system such as Soul Realignment or channel your Guides or practice any other kind of intuitive development, it is essential to harness the power of language.

Be specific – what is your intention for your intuitive inquiry?
Word your questions with care – when we use our intuition, the question in every way determines the quality of the insight we receive.
Know where you are going – what is your intuitive access point? Too many people just randomly “open up” without any clue as to where their intuitive information is coming from.
Name the information you receive. Put words around your intuitive insight, even if you are a visual or kinesthetic intuitive.

Your words shape your reality! Use them wisely …

Andrea Hess