The Top Five Habits of Annoying Psychics

The Top Five Habits of Annoying Psychics

It’s not always easy to own the psychic or intuitive profession. So many of us on this path come to it only after spending months or years worrying about what other people will think of our work and profession. Time and time again, I work with Soul Realignment students and Practitioners on “coming out of the psychic closet.”

And then there are those psychics who are so determined to “be okay” with this job that they swing way over into the other direction! They seem oblivious to social intolerance. In fact, they seem determined to knock people over the head into full-fledged acceptance of their psychic gifts – whether they like it or not.

Unfortunately, it’s these very well-meaning, over-the-top psychics give the rest of us a bit of a bad name. Stepping out of the psychic closet for the world to see is one thing. Trying to shove psychic abilities into the face of a disinterested world is another. Here are the top five habits of annoying psychics:

  1. They can’t listen to you tell a story without getting a far-off look in their eyes. Invariably, they’ll begin their next sentence with “What I’m getting is ….” This will be followed by a full-fledged, on-the-spot channeling session that you did not ask for.
  2. They will call you and let you know that your Guides have an important message for you. Apparently, you were unavailable when your Guides tried to talk to you. Interestingly enough, your Guides will choose the annoying psychic as a go-between, even if you don’t know the annoying psychic well or don’t even particularly like them.
  3. They can’t have a conversation with you without name-dropping one Archangel or at least an Ascended Master that they regularly communicate with. Most popular on the Archangel buddy list would be Michael.
  4. They will insistently give you information you didn’t ask for, didn’t want, and have no use for in any practical application. However, the annoying psychic will stress how very, very important this information is, not just to you, but to the entire planet/galaxy/Universe.
  5. They will insist that they are correct. Any lack of resonance you feel with their information is because you are obviously disconnected from Truth, and therefore in even greater need of their invaluable assistance.

We love the spiritual realm. We know it’s real, and an invaluable resource. We also must honor that everyone comes into recognition of their spiritual resources in their own perfect and Divine timing.

Let’s not be annoying psychics.