Three Questions That Jump-Start Your Divine Self-Expression

Three Questions That Jump-Start Your Divine Self-Expression

There’s just one thing your Soul is here for. And that’s to experience itself in all of its Divine Creatorship, through the process of choice and consequence.

Which also means your Soul is never going to think to itself: “Life is good. We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing for the next forty years or so. I don’t want to experience myself any differently than this.”

No, your Soul is always going to want to experience itself in NEW and different ways, through NEW choices and NEW consequences!

Our ego, on the other hand, gets highly attached to keeping things exactly as they are, most especially when life is pretty darn good. Why change anything when we have enough money in the bank, are pretty healthy, our relationships are fairly fulfilling, and we’re generally doing okay?

And so our dear ego, in an effort to keep us as safe and comfortable as possible, will block the whispers and inspirations of the Soul that nudge us to go from good to great. We’ll look around our life and think to ourselves: “There’s really nothing else I want.”

This is a lie the ego tells us. Because your Soul will always want a new experience of itself.

And here’s the ugly truth we often don’t want to acknowledge for ourselves. If we don’t proactively create change … then change will seem to happen “to” us, often manifesting as wake-up calls that threaten our financial or physical well-being.

You may have heard the saying: “In nature, everything is either growing, or dying.” That’s a rather dramatic way of saying that stagnation is simply not an option. We are either expanding into our Divinity, or in the process of decline, however gradual that decline might be.

So here are three questions to help you consciously create your next experience, regardless of how good your current circumstances are:

What would you do with a “gap” year?

Imagine, for a second, that you could call a “time out” on your current life. For a whole year, you could slip into a different reality, take on a new profession, travel anywhere, experience new relationships and places. At the end of that year, you can slip right back into your current life, and nobody will realize that you’ve taken a year off. For your loved ones, it’s as if that year never happened. What would you do with that year? Who would you be? Where would you go?

2. If you could have just ONE superpower … what would it be?

Would you choose invisibility? Superhuman speed? Time travel? Teleportation? Mind-reading? Strength? The ability to fly? Pick a superpower – but you only get one! And now ask yourself why that superpower is so appealing to you. What would you do with it? What values are inherent to that superpower? What would you experience in your life if you had that superpower?

3. Whose life would you borrow for a day?

Imagine being able to slip into someone else’s skin for 24 hours. For a whole day, you could be President. Or a rock star. Or a spiritual leader. Or an athlete. The possibilities are endless! Who would you love to be for a day? And why?

The answers to these questions give you clues as to what experience your Soul is yearning for! And while you may not actually be able to teleport, you can get on an airplane and travel the world. You may not become invisible, but you can give yourself more time alone. And you may not become Oprah for the day, but you can interview people you respect and admire for your YouTube channel. You won’t be able to walk out of your life for a whole year, either. But you can start making new choices in order to give yourself the new experience of new consequences.

Change is inevitable. You might as well choose the change that your Soul craves!

To your abundance,