Too Much Guidance?

Too Much Guidance?

I haven’t actively, consciously sat down to communicate with my Guides in three weeks. And here’s why: My path is crystal clear. I currently have a LOT of implementation to do – grounded, third-dimensional action that needs to be taken. And I know exactly what needs to get done. So why would I need guidance right now?

This may be a surprising statement, coming from a professional psychic. But it’s vitally important to understand that sometimes guidance is NOT what we need.

If you have big intentions that will change the course of your life significantly, you are going to receive guidance based on those intentions. And once guidance has been received, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and take action. And if your life is going to change significantly, significant new action and effort is going to be required!

The guidance that comes to us so swiftly and easily in mere seconds may take weeks if not months to implement. That’s the (annoying!) discrepancy between the spiritual and physical world. In the spiritual realm, everything is effortless and instantaneous. In the physical, we may have to do pesky and annoying things, like (as in my case!) create and edit hours of online video content, watch technical tutorial videos, update or even publish brand-new websites, take some training programs, create new classes… all of which takes time. And, of course, effort.

Downloading guidance is often way sexier than actually taking action on that guidance! But if we HAVE the guidance we need for our next steps … what are we doing, asking for more?

I sometimes talk to people who spend as much as an hour channeling their Guide teams, practically every day. Which makes me wonder. In my experience, our Spirit Guides are pretty darn concise. They give us the information we need, right now, in order to take action. Then it’s our job to get on with things.

It’s tempting to continue to use our intuition to try and find some sort of convenient shortcut or loophole around action and third-dimensional effort. There is none. Neither will our intuition give us a guarantee that our efforts will create the results we want. At the end of the day, after all, we are here for the human experience … not the experience of a foregone conclusion.

So ask yourself if you are a spending a disproportionate amount of time asking for guidance, versus ACTING on guidance. Without disciplined action, our intuitive development practice can easily descend into spiritual escapism and self-indulgent ether-surfing (I speak from experience!) that has nothing to do with our Soul’s desire to express itself into this human experience.

Sometimes, the most sacred work we can do on our spiritual path is to take practical, even mundane, action. If that is the case, then the LAST thing we need is more intuitive guidance.

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