Trusting Our Soul’s Decisions

Trusting Our Soul’s Decisions

The thing about developing our intuition is this: The mind always wants proof.

Most people who feel they need to work on developing their intuitive abilities actually receive information from the spiritual realm just fine! But then the mind gets a hold of the information … and often destroys it with its need for proof.

When we receive guidance, the immediate questions the mind poses are: “Where will this guidance take me? What will the outcome be if I do this? Is this correct? Is this really going to work? How do I know this is really right for me?”

By the time the mind is done asking these questions, any sense of clarity we had has usually disappeared!

If we are to dedicate ourselves to using our intuition – not just receiving guidance but actually ACTING on it – we have to get comfortable with mental dissatisfaction.

Intuitive guidance isn’t reasonable, logical, or rational when we receive it. Only in hindsight do we witness the elegant unfolding of events that came from acting on an intuitive impulse. Then it makes perfect sense. But not when the information first comes.

Intuitive guidance leaves the mind dissatisfied, because it is not OF the mind. But isn’t that exactly what we want?

Our mind can only take us so far in life. Our mind is a wonderful tool. But at some point, reason and logic cease to yield the results we want. If we want to grow and evolve beyond where we are right now, we need a new source of decision-making.

Can we allow our Soul to make our decisions for us? This is the essence of an intuitive impulse – a higher aspect of ourselves saying: “This way”! It is our Soul, deciding which way to go. And most of the time, we argue with it!

Do you trust your Soul to point you in the right direction? Even if you can’t rationally, reasonably explain “why” the direction is “right?” Or do you trust your mind more?

This is really the decision we must come to when we develop our intuition. Are we willing to trust our Soul more than we do our mind? If your mind and its decisions are not creating the results you want, the choice seems obvious! What if we allow our Soul to decide?