Unlocking Transformational Potential In The Akashic Records

Unlocking Transformational Potential In The Akashic Records

I had an interesting spontaneous conversation with a gentleman at Starbucks yesterday. Having had a few paranormal experiences, he was incredibly open to the spiritual realm and was very curious about what I do. He had even received quite a few psychic readings over the years. But here’s what he said that really struck me:

“You know, the psychic readings I’ve had have all been interesting. And the readings left zero doubt that the readers were tapping into some aspect of myself and were getting accurate information about me. But … none of these readings really helped me. They were interesting, but I couldn’t really do anything with the information.”

His comment really highlighted a conflict that is inherent to using intuition as a tool, whether we read for ourselves, or read for other people.

I understand psychics who give readings that are really more about giving evidence of their psychic abilities than giving the client actionable information. When students first get started with Soul Realignment, one of their fears is often: “What if I tell my client the wrong thing?” After all, we are NOT here to tell our clients what to do. We don’t want our clients abdicating responsibility for their choices to us, or giving their power away!

On the other hand, the result of not giving a client specific guidance is often exactly what my new friend at Starbucks described – readings that are merely interesting, but not transformational.

We run into the same problem when we read for ourselves!

There’s a part of us that would love for a wisdom source such as the Akashic Records to just tell us what to do. Wouldn’t it be nice to get crystal-clear directions from a spiritual resource that leaves zero room for doubt?

Well … actually, no.

Because then we’d be surrendering our free will, which is actually what allows us to know our Divine nature as the powerful creators of our own experience.

If any spiritual resource simply told us what to do, we’d negate the very reason our Soul came here into this human incarnation. Free will and our ability to create through choice would be rendered meaningless.

On the other hand, I know people who access the Akashic Records and receive information and experiences that are spiritually interesting and affirming … but not actually useful or transformational.

There IS a middle ground in this conflict!

That middle ground is to gain full consciousness and understanding about ourselves, about our current situation and how we created it. We then have a brand-new set of tools that allows us to make far better choices … but nobody is telling us what those choice should be.

That’s why, in Soul Realignment®, we focus on helping the client understand who they are, at Soul-level. We help them understand their Divine Gifts and what kinds of choices will create abundance for them. We also help them understand specifically what patterns of choice are creating their current experience.

All of this is highly actionable information that has huge transformational potential … without telling the client what to do.

And when we go into our own Akashic Records via this modality, the same is true. We can know ourselves, our karmic patterns, our negative choices. But the Akashic Records aren’t going to tell us what to do … because, from this new level of consciousness and understanding, our next steps become glaringly obvious to us.

At the end of the day, spiritual resources – whether we access them on our own behalf, or on behalf of a client – only offer us potential transformation. The realization of this potential is always up to us, through the power of choice.

To your abundance,
Andrrea Hess