What Can Your Intuition Do For You?

What Can Your Intuition Do For You?

In my last article, I talked about how our intuition is driven by our intention. As much as we would sometimes like them to, our Higher Self and Spirit Guides just won’t make our choices for us! Which brought up questions in the comments on our blog about what, exactly, our Higher Self and Spirit Guides are good for?

It’s definitely our job to decide on “what” we want to create in life. But once we’ve made that choice, our Higher Self and Spirit Guides can now jump in and deliver the “how.”

That is really the beauty of stepping up into working with our intuition. We may have to decide what it is that we want … but we don’t, within that decision, have to worry about how we are going to get where we want to go. That is a job for our intuitive resource team – to guide us, step by step, towards manifesting our intention. It’s a bit like using a guided navigation system. We decide on our final destination. Our intuition can then give us turn-by-turn directions towards that desired outcome.

Our Higher Self and Spirit Guides can’t tell us where to go. But once we’ve decided, their job is to get us there. Just like the navigation system in a car, our intuition will simply tell us to “turn here” or “take this action.” Of course, whether we choose to listen and take action is, again, entirely up to us.

What if we take a “wrong” turn, away from our intention, rather than towards it? Thank goodness there are infinite ways to get from point A to point B! The Universe has infinitely creative ways of helping us move towards our goals. Our intuition can always give us a course correction, get us back on track and moving towards the life we want to create for ourselves!


Learn how to consciously receive the guidance from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to help you manifest your intentions. Ignite Your Intuition begins on April 27th!

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