What’s Motivating Your Intuitive Development?

What’s Motivating Your Intuitive Development?

Let’s face it … sometimes we want our intuition to tell us about the future. Or we’d like our intuition to tell us something about someone else. Sometimes, we want our intuition to satisfy our curiosity. Unfortunately, curiosity-motivated intuition seldom gives us rewarding answers.

Our intuition is designed as a tremendous resource to help us create the life we want. It’s about having all the information we need to make choices most in alignment with our highest good, and with our intentions. It is a spiritual tool.

Curiosity, however, is created by the mind and ego. While the Soul understands that, in this infinitely abundant Universe, all information we need will become available in perfect and Divine timing … well, the mind would like all the answers, right now. The mind wants to know exactly how things will turn out. The mind wants its curiosity satisfied.

When you turn to your intuition for guidance, ask yourself if and how the information you are seeking would help you make choices in the present moment. Rather than just seeking reassurance or satisfying curiosity, investigate whether there is actually a choice right now that you need guidance for. If there is no choice before you, then you are trying to use your intuition outside of its purpose and usefulness. Your Higher Self will most likely not play along!