Why NOT To Access Your Intuition!

Why NOT To Access Your Intuition!

No matter what intuitive resource you are accessing for wisdom and guidance, intention is everything. Why? Because your intention for receiving guidance will always be reflected back to you by your Higher Self, your Spirit Guide team, or the Akashic Records. Remember, the Universe and ALL your spiritual resources view you as the ultimate Creator of your experience. The Universe can only say “yes” to your intention.

But what is our intention when we access our intuition, really? It goes far beyond the question we want to ask, or the information we are looking for. No, when we examine our intention for accessing our intuitive resources, we also have to look at WHY we want to know what we want to know.

There are two very, very good reasons NOT to access our intuition, whether we do so through our Spirit Guides, or our Akashic Records, or contacting our own Higher Self. That first good reason? Curiosity!

When you go into the Akashic Records, or to your Higher Self or your Guide team in the energy of curiosity … you actually end up with intuitive information that raises more questions and creates more … curiosity! Curiosity is based on the ego’s hunger for information, its desire to be “in the know” and to have answers. The intention of curiosity will never result in satisfying guidance. Instead, we seek endlessly for more information, more guidance, more inspiration. Our mind comes up with question after question, and its hunger never abates.

Ask yourself, before you access your intuitive resources, whether the questions you’re about to ask really matter to your life right now. Are you planning on putting guidance into action? Is the guidance you are seeking necessary to create the life you want? Is there a choice at hand? Or were you just … curious?

The second good reason NOT to access your intuition is reassurance.

Let’s say you receive guidance – from your Guide team, or through dowsing, for example. Now what? Well, now we double-check and ask again! Maybe it’s a minute later, or three days later. But it’s so tempting to go back to our Guides or Higher Self, or back into the Akashic Records … just to make sure we were right the first time.

What were we really seeking? Well, most of the time our intention was to receive reassurance. And so our intuitive resources have no choice but to give us what we want, which means that we will get the answer we most want to hear. Nothing compromises intuitive accuracy like the need for reassurance!

When you access your intuition, the energy of your intention WILL come back to you in the answers you receive. Access your intention with the energy of curiosity, and the guidance you receive will result in more curiosity. Seek reassurance, and you will get the answers that reassure you.

The next time you sit down to dowse, or to communicate with your Guides, or to access the Akashic Records, ask yourself why you want to know what you want to know. Clarity of intention is essential to intuitive accuracy!